Interview & # 39; w with IR-1 visa at the US Embassy in Thailand – Red Card

The process of obtaining them from the United States can be fraught with complications, but at the end of the process occurs visa interview. The following information is intended for the survey at the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

Immigration process for the husband or wife of a citizen of the United States can be time consuming and somewhat distorting. The culmination of this process & # 39 is the US visa interview & # 39; w, conducted the consular staff of the US Embassy and the US Consulate abroad.

As soon as the US immigration process disappears, there comes a time Thai-American couples begin to consider an interview about the visa in the United States. Many candidates in Thailand fear the US visa interview & # 39; w, since they usually are under the mistaken impression that they intimidate the applicant. It's just not right. US consular officers shall be responsible for examining visa applications, which are served at the Consulate. In many cases it is simply the passage of due diligence to ensure that the couple is really in a bona fide relationship and there are no legal grounds inadmissibility. That being said, in cases where the applicant is trying to deceive or defraud the consular staff, the result of such attempts can be very detrimental. Staff at the US Consulate was trained to clarify inconsistencies in applications for visas to the United States, and they are also given the mandate to establish the truth about the past of the applicant, if it has to issue a visa. Thus, in situations where the applicant is trying to lie on their visa, there is a high likelihood that the application will be submitted in the administrative procedure, which will be investigated by the department for the prevention of fraud. Interview & # 39; nd officer department for the prevention of fraud, although carried out with courtesy, most likely, will give the applicant's suras & # 39; severe control to the consular officer determined the facts of the case. Fortunately, in those applications in which the fraud is not of & # 39 interview it is a problem & # 39; nd applicant is likely to be relatively trouble-free affair.

At the end of the visa interview & # 39; nd applicant's probably one of the two documents will be presented. If the consular officer determines that additional information is needed, it will be issued a letter of refusal 221 (g). This document simply states that the refusal to issue a visa provided for in Article 221 (g) of the Immigration and US citizenship. Under this provision, the consular officer may refuse to issue a visa until it is provided with additional documentation. Correcting the lack of documentary evidence depends upon requested.

In accordance with the administrative procedures at the US Embassy in Bangkok, if the application for a visa will be allowed, the applicant's passport will be retained, and the consular officer will give the applicant the "red card". This is a small index card on which are the date and time when the visa can be picked up. He was considered a "red card" because of the fact that the ink used for the index markings, red.

For those who retained a licensed US attorney in Bangkok, according to the Embassy of the policy, the lawyer can take the passport of the applicant, if the applicant can not do that. At the same unlicensed operators, who call themselves "visa companies", "visa agents", "legal advisors" or "immigration consultants" may not be in contact with the embassy on behalf of the seven & # 39; families seeking to obtain a visa, if they do not license to practice law in the United States.

Entrance to the city history

large Washington

Named in honor of the distinguished President of the United States of America, Washington had to go in the first place in the list of visitors. It is the administrative capital of the people and will have a lot of famous monuments that create the right impression from the start. At this point the work Congress and the House of Representatives. This means that the visitor has the opportunity to see one of the most powerful in the world. The power that is in this village that can change the world. Near people can visit the library, which includes all the famous events that took place during the formation of this nation. People who are included in the current case, remember that wonderful moment when Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first African-American US president. You can see the exact spot where he was sworn in. The White House is not so far away, and visitors can try some of greatness that comes with the President's Office.

The historical significance of the District of Columbia in Washington means that the presence of security is almost unprecedented. When the President comes to visit, try to go it is not even worth there. For this it will be provided by a number of restrictions, to ensure that the safety mechanisms are exactly cover the secret service. Washington's development as a tourist location partly due to the political force, which is carried out in this place. Visitors attending delighted by the tremendous location of greatness and understand all the consequences of the place they are visiting. Using travel to teach small children, you can see that it was written in the books. Americans are rightly proud of Washington as a place of world power. In fact, it was here that the global economy is effectively controlled.

Visitors should be prepared to pay a premium if they are going to take a hotel in the immediate vicinity of the capital's buildings. Otherwise, they may decide that, perhaps, better to stay at the shelter and go. This is a cheaper option, but a bit more uncomfortable because it includes tourist trips in complex organizations. This may not be the best way to start a holiday. This, of course, disturbing from the standpoint of trying to fix everything from the beginning. This is one of the great things that can happen if a person is planning to bypass Washington jams. Of course, the safety clearance in some of these areas, in some cases with the & # 39 is very depressing, but it comes with the territory when you visit one of the most popular places in the US American history. Visible face, apparently, will mean that you need to make an effort to ensure the safety as good as possible.

Life on the horizon

It really said Christopher McCandless, "The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, so every day to have a new and different sun."

When I was a teenager, the West, as always, seemed to be the epicenter of the possibilities and opportunities. In this article I want to share my experiences of young immigrants in the Western world over the past 20 years. I was only fifteen years old when my parents decided to move the base from India to the United States. As a young teenager, like everything else in this age, I was very excited about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimmigration and become a US citizen studying that part of the world, of which I have read so many books. On the basis of the armed forces, my life has always been adventurous and fast, being exposed to many states, cities, cultures and wonderful diversity of India. Like all children Favzhy (in the army), as they are called, I lived in an adventurous, but a protective environment, where we somehow corrupted to the core comfort, safety and joy of life. I loved this life.

I finished exams on the board, and we went first to the UK for the holiday, which was beautiful and mesmerizing, and became my first international exposure, and then reached the target destination of the United States. The first few weeks were like a dream where everything was perfect, we had a rest in Washington, Orlando and Seattle. Then we slowly entered into the realities of life and problems of the new immigrants. I went to school, where he felt lonely and strange, because my focus was different than most of the others, and I could not understand the spoken language of many students and vice versa. My way of thinking, as well as the concept of my public school in India was very different, but soon the teachers started to understand what the inherent strength of my educational knowledge base, including grammatical correctness of my written English, which was missing in my classmates. At the same time I joined a summer job at the airport, where we were to provide assistance to passengers with a variety of ways, language, disability, place of management, etc. On the first day I helped a passenger in a certain direction at the airport, she gave a tip of $ 5. I took the money, but as soon as I got home, I cried my father's heart, saying that in India we nahilyaemsya on the poor, and that's my glass. I felt small. My father tried to explain to me what is the culture here, and there is nothing wrong, it's a way to be polite, but I was too upset to understand. This was my first experience of a new culture of the west. My work went on in the summer, and I still remember the end of summer, when I was not imposed, I was upset that I had not made enough pocket money. I met an elderly knight of the colleagues that I have learned that just retired as a senior executive Boeing.

He told me that he did not have to work, he can sit in his big house and just gardening. He went there to have fun. In another case, we found a veteran of the war, the American naval officer who directed the taxi. He said he did it as a pleasure, as in any other profession he meets so many strangers with whom he likes to communicate. There I learned the value of human dignity. No job is small, and no work makes you feel more than the size of your life. Political and business class can learn a lot here. Then I went back to school. I gradually tuned to the new conditions, but missed the end of his life in India. Whenever possible, I would be willing to rush back to India. As I felt a lot of aspects of the new society, some were good and some made me think over the next few years. We often went to Vancouver, Canada, only two hours a nice scenic ride. Another aspect I discovered that living abroad, Indians Indians more closely together than in their homeland, where they remain without a rudder.

My life went on with charm stay in India and America. People in India are jealous of me, where I envied them. Then came a point in my life when I moved forward, finished the specialty and joined Bank of America in the field of investment. I was doing well professionally and still did not have a conflict with a Western life. Usually we went to India once a year, and now I, too, began to feel the positive in my new country rezidentse. I began to see a lot of opportunities. Quality of life, whether you are rich or poor, it is essentially the same as you eat such foods, you get quite easily all the basic amenities of life, have the dignity of work, the dignity of all the work that you do, and most importantly, not corruption at the level of life the average person. It took me many years to understand this, but I now know exactly what I am today, because of the many influences that I have received in my life. I do not say that as an immigrant would not be a problem, of course, would have been because we come from a different culture and education, and go through the suffering of transformation. But all this stage, as the first time a young child will be put to the hostel and crying under the sheet.

Today, my family members & # 39; and is well settled in the United States, the children very well and received the best education and opportunities. I lived in the US for 15 years and had many opportunities to see the world around, the West and the East, and at the same time offering a quality of happiness entrepreneurs lifestyle. I returned to India, is equally convenient and ran his own company "Immigration and visa" after the completion of the master of international business. I myself as an expat, who saw a better life in India, and then the experience of fighting a new immigrant, the stage where people want to go back to your country, now in phase today when I love both worlds equally for what they gave me and my something & # 39; and.

today I Managing director of immigration and related services AKKAM that provides solutions and meets all the requirements relating to immigration, visas to study and related services to various destinations around the world. I feel that all immigration consultants and agents can target customers for authenticity, if they themselves have experienced the realities, challenges and opportunities in the immigration facilities. I would always advise all my clients, friends and family, that life – is a blessing, spread their wings and experience the movement toward the horizon, a lot waiting for you away again, dark clouds and beautiful colors over the horizon.

Travel to India: some general guidelines for foreign tourists

India – is a fascinating country with wide regional differences in the historical, geographical, cultural, linguistic and gastronomic terms. For strangers asking all at once will be a tumultuous experience. Make sure get ready for some truly memorable experiences. To make this experience memorable in a positive way, please click approximate recommendations below.

Travel in India takes time, effort and concrete help from reliable people. It makes sense to be classified under the heading of travel: it is a religious or spiritual experience? It is for adventure sports such as hiking, camping and mountain climbing? It is worth to enjoy the historical and cultural flavors of the country? If you can not classify his exact cause of the trip and want a quick and general overview of anything likely, you will need the person or agency that will guide you through the entire circuit without problems.

Before you embark on a journey to India, make sure you are at your disposal the right kind of clothing / apparel. If during the period from October to March the best time to travel around the country, then you can come prepared with a light cotton or linen clothes for daytime and a light jacket for the evenings. This is especially true of those who visited North India and is planning to travel on trips or just an ordinary journey towards peradgor & # 39; ads or Himalayan zones. Generally speaking, in northern India in December and January can be quite cold in most parts of the minimum temperature in degrees can be 0-4 degrees. If you plan to stay in the Himalayan areas or in urban cities, carry heavy woollens. Both in Europe and the US, among other places, in addition to luxury hotels, there is no concept of central heating (or air conditioning). In the south and west of the country there is practically no winter, which can even start the day. Top equipment for casual travelers – open sandals and light cotton things.

The summer months are roughly from late March to September, really hot throughout the country, and at this time it is not recommended to visit India. There are a few months, for example, May and June, when a person can even get sick because of the heat: the more that you are ill-equipped to 48-50 degrees temperature. While in Northern and Central India conditions of dry heat in the summer in the East and the West, there is a high moisture content, which dehydrates the body and leaves you feeling exhausted and unfit. If you do choose this time to visit India, please, bring a bottle of drinking water, No matter where you were, sunglasses and an umbrella, it is desirable to reduce the intensity of the sun, when you find yourself in the fresh air. If you do not follow this advice, you can become a victim of the heat or sun stroke.

Recently there has been a fear of security that lets hundreds of tourists to the nation. For example, the threat of terrorism is not excluded, but it is not something that requires the cancellation of tickets. Frankly speaking, the threat of terrorism in India is as real as the same threat faced by the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. In the past, there were unpleasant incidents, but the country is still possible to go, provided that you do not access potentially dangerous areas, such as border states who share a border line with neighboring countries.

Foreign tourists who travel to India, it is recommended to stay in groups or with local friends from India. Although the travel agency will monitor your security as a whole, they can not control your movement if you wander around on their own and are willing to land in the hands of people zlonameshchanyh. They may take the form Hecker on the market that promise cheap accommodation in a hotel or pushing any product that they make you consider a great deal. Travelers, women are advised not to be alone at night, and do not take a taxi without a local well-known support, preferably male. There were many occasions when the single white female traveler, who stand out for their beautiful skin and a complete lack of knowledge with respect to the average Indian male who looks at women as something that had to "be". It is recommended never to take from the side of the road (male) ( "female"), a friend who works in addition, but it has to have other patterns, such as theft or rape. Also, avoid those who offer you food: it may be associated with drugs that SEL & # 39; you are of the senses.

Foreign tourists are advised to wear clothes that are not subject to particular skin. Although most foreigners disregards this rule, it is wise to wear clothes that will help you blend in with the crowd. In India, any woman who wears clothes that expose treated as free and available for the purpose of predatory men. Also remember that it is reasonable to carry pepper sprays: cases where an unknown man who can spoil your body, will come again and again …. Spray should be used when the boundaries are exceeded, and if the situation becomes dangerous.

As for the food, it is reasonable to carry out an independent supply of canned foods, just in case, if the local food can not agree with your air. The vast majority of Indians from the & # 39 are vegetarians, so the most easily available food is always vegetarian. Currently, most major Indian cities have the most modern shopping malls and supermarkets that sell what your heart wishes. In addition, in the big cities have a lot of A-class restaurants and the B-Class. You can also stay for a few food courts, which are in shopping centers …. here you are sure to get value for money and everything.

The same can not be said about the trip to the small city of India, where time is more or less necessary, and even shopping centers are present here, on the world food demand is low, and therefore, this sector is still lacking. You might have to do local food is good, but it may be too spicy for the western sky. Buy your own bottled water: in smaller restaurants are usually given water from a tap that can threaten your system.

For western travelers unfamiliar signs of extreme poverty may be more than a shock. Beggars usually makes reference point for foreign tourists, as they are easy targets. The trick is to be ignored at any cost. It will be hard to close your eyes at her prostrate and impoverished child or the child with a runny nose and a dirty appearance, but it must be done. If you are generous to each other, to be sure, with the & # 39 ten more appear to surround and harass the daylights out of you.

More positively, the travel industry in India is quite well developed, and the momentum that would like to see and experience an ordinary Westerner. Travel packages offer attractive features that leave you a lot of traction. Take your camera with you wherever you go. In each case will be pictures.

In particular, for women who travel India offers no hygienic toilets at each point, which means that you have to "hold" until you get back to the hotel. Most disgusting habit of the average Indian man who immerses himself in the road in the open air – it's a shock to most.

India – a country that has unlimited possibilities when it comes to travel. Check out the prices and availability Var they & # 39; iruyutstsa from mid-range to luxury and the latest offers everything you might want, and even most.

In India, there are personal friends, then you've already got a gold mine. There can be no better channel to guide you during the trip. The Indians, by and large, warm people and a very positive attitude to the guests. As mentioned earlier, the cultural and regional diversity is large, which makes Indian culture one of the most robust, vibrant and colorful world. If you do not make a physical presence here, it is impossible to explain what was going on the country. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, it is a fantastic country, which dabraslavlyaetstsa alpine, desert, plains, coast and plaskagor & # 39; families. As a result, adventure travel: camping, hiking, climbing and wildlife safari – well-developed tourism sector. For the nature lover or history or human, filled with wandering: do not miss your chance comes when a ticket to visit India on the doorstep.

For the business traveler, India will provide welcoming and encouraging conditions. The advantage of business travelers to the random is that business travelers have prepared guides for traveling around the country, which constitute its owners.

Language spoken in India – Hindi and English.

Independence Day Celebration for new immigrants

July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, making the United States a nation of their own, freed from British rule. Every year we celebrate this holiday thanks to a series of cultural traditions that may not be familiar to new immigrants. This is a national holiday, which is characteristic only for the US, and in 2013 we celebrate the 237 th birthday of America. Read about some of the traditions and participate in this year!

national holiday

Independence Day with a & # 39; is a recognized national holiday, but it means that it is celebrated throughout the United States. Federal employees get the day off with pay, as non-employees may qualify for higher rates of pay if they want to work. Some services, such as banks or post offices may not be available, while others may work a limited time.


Parade, large and small, is common throughout the country on July 4. The streets are blocked so that people can go through the city, while celebrating the Holiday. You can see the soldiers, children, celebrities, cars or complex buoys that are on the street, on the side where gay viewers.


Independence Day – time patriotic music. You are likely to hear the anthem today; Why not learn the words, if you do not already know? Other popular songs – "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "America the Beautiful," "This is the land – your land," and "Give God the United States." Musical themes are aimed at freedom, liberty, and the United States.


Since July 4 falls on the height of the American summer, is a great reason to cook outdoors. Seven & # 39; and, friends and the community gather for barbecues and picnics, putting dishes such as potato salad, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie.

Red, white and blue

Red, white and blue – the colors of the traditional July 4th and they come from the American flag. Also known as the "Stars and Stripes" or "Star fabric" flag has played a key role in this celebration. C & # 39 is on flagpoles, in windows, on clothes and more. Usually people wear red, white and blue clothing and accessories to show their national pride.


Salute from the & # 39; is the main feature of the celebration of the 4th of July. Across the country, the city put the fireworks after dusk. People gather in a permitted location, often with blankets or lawn chairs to enjoy the show. Many people also lit a small firework at home. Fireworks safety is very important, but about fireworks laws vary from state to state.

Bear in Alaska, Part 1: The Alaska Railroad

Bearfooting is a good time. This state of mind when traveling is more important purpose. This is exactly what Alaska was when I went there in August 2011 – a beautiful country bear.

Only then Frontier Airlines released the tailed airplane "animals", and my vacation in Alaska could not be more appropriate to begin. I met a guy who went to Dylingem fishing for trout, and he had all these unusual magazines about catch and release, which they practice, to ensure that all enough fish to catch fish! Guess I finally read the flight … and he said he had never seen a woman who was interested in similar materials!

I love trains; they make me happy. On the railway Alaska has one of the most beautiful train that I have ever seen – painted in wonderful colors of blue and gold colors. They synchronize the timing of the train from Anchorage Steward-so that it comes out of the mountains bathed in evening sunlight – a heavenly sight.

So you can imagine my excitement when I actually traveled by train when I & # 39; went to Dan. I would love one of those who traveled on the trains, but it ended up more tourist promotion than pure travel experiences. (I would appreciate Indian Railways Konkan in this respect is better on the step.) Several beautiful pictures emerald creeks and lonely cottages later train plunged into Denali Park Depot.

Signs "bear awareness" is everywhere in Dan. I became interested in Salmon Bake, local restaurants and small food near the park entrance. Their menu usually Alyaskanski – cedar salmon, tacos, halibut, turbot smashed beer, etc., and some things are thrown i n for Trapeznikov like me!

Happy backpacks, soulful live music, dancing couples and sunlit Alaskan range makes this place very special evening. I came back here, on the way to Ankorizh after Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle, and I liked it more and more. It was then that I met Daisy, mountain dog, who took the royal position, despite the fact that her hair had been killed two hours. Another training day: $ 5 balls of the subway do not exist in Alaska!

The place where I was located, the hostel Denali Mountain Morning, it was nice and rustic. She had a great sense of community. The best thing about hostels – this is what you meet a lot of new people who are there to meet people! I tried to keep the conversation with the Japanese woman at 6am. She toured the country in a new country, the language which speaks limited, and she imagined confidence that I doubt if I were in her shoes. I stayed in a hole with four other people with whom it was difficult to communicate because of my hectic schedule.

The whole place was sharp, and I highly recommend the hostel to anyone who plans to visit Dan. Bathrooms are located outside the frame, and if you plan to be out of bed at 5:00 in the morning (as I do), you may crave the cozy heated next to your bed! But if you're like me, you enjoy the morning morning Nenana, which runs next to the hostel.

Why is it so difficult to buy a stroller for Axiom Mobility in Canada?

Axiom Mobility strollers designed to give families the opportunity to go in a situation where normal mobile tools simply can not cut it – for example, the study of walking trails, hiking in the snow in the winter out & # 39; e or a get-together on the beach. They are heavy, but less weight than other comparable carriage.

The problem is that many people who need the flexibility of the Chair, it was very difficult to find in Canada, health food store or a mobile vendor in which accessible wheelchair Axiom.

People in Canada can easily find truck in US networking vendors. The problem lies in the fact that many networks do not send retail sales in Canada, or if they make additional charges for delivery of wheelchairs to prohibitively expensive.

For example, the carriage of 1 Axiom is designed for children from 4 months to 4 years and has a maximum weight of 85 pounds. You can find it online at a price of 500 dollars. If you can find a US dealer that sends carriage to Canada, the cost of delivery carriage to Canada will cost another $ 80, and then to add to this fee for registration of $ 60 to go through carriage across the border. This carriage 500 is now $ 500 2B% 2B% 80 80 $ 60 for a new total of $ 640.

That was then, this is now. The same carriage Axiom 1 is now available in Canada for $ 499.99, including shipping, duties and taxes.

Now there's a Canadian dystryb & # 39; Yutariya wheelchairs Axiom of 1, 2 and 3 for the Canadian health food stores and dealers of mobile supply. This means that seven & # 39; and are now able to connect with organizations such as the …

  • Shoppers Home Health
  • movement specialty
  • Harduyuchyya medical materials

… and work with the staff of these organizations to discuss and determine their needs. If it is found that Axiom truck can meet their needs, they can now easily order them to store medical supplies.

Another example of pricing – the cradle of Axiom 2, calculated on the weight of 150 pounds. When ordering from US dealers it will cost 1245 dollars after adding freight, duties and taxes. It is now available in Canadian stores medical power of 1085 dollars. Similarly, Axiom 3, designed to vagovay capacity of 200 pounds, at the order of the US dealer will cost after the addition of all charges in 1360 dollars. It is now available in Canadian stores health food for $ 1,200.

carriage cost is important. Even more important is the opportunity to get the equipment that needs a family & # 39; and. This is good news for the seven active & # 39; families who will benefit from the availability of a cradle with special needs that line of mobile kalyshak Axiom is now readily available in Canada.

Camping at the campsite Andrews Kay, Georgia, USA

Located at the National scenic path Appalachian camping Andrews BAC located between the mountains on the French ridge on an elevated position with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountain. The site has some amenities, including 6 areas with streams, each of which has a prepared base on which to place a tent, lanterns stand for a picnic and a fireplace / grill. Field site are not that of each other, so complete confidentiality is impossible, but, as usual, in the camps, there is a social atmosphere, and exchange fire with people in the open air – part of the experience.

At this point there are toiletries, but, as in many other places camping, dumb soul to rest and another wash. Nearby there is a stream of water, so for those who remember to take a portable camping, it is easy to clean. Availability is somewhat limited, and though 4WD is not needed for RV type vehicles is not enough clearance.

Site requires payment for the credit system to $ 10 in a safe box and is located in the buffer zone, which is patrolled by Chattahoochee Rangers, who check vacationers payments and maintain the territory. Usually they are very unobtrusive. The environment must be maintained intact a way that does not harm the environment, and thus, it is assumed that the rest behave responsibly. This includes removal of debris and the preservation of small creeks and streams, pure clean water which is crucial to the ecosystem – the use of detergents / soaps in these rivers is not permitted – a good reason to take this portable travel shower with you!

Camping Andrews Cow – a favorite for the march to the south; area has so much to offer travelers, from the lazy days of the numerous nature trails Nature and Adventure trips over the hills. Cove Andrews and trails Whitly Gap – very popular with visitors camping. The area stunningly beautiful and heavily wooded. For those who just want to relax, there is fishing for trout and even close to the golf course! Please note that those who want to fish in rivers need a fishing permit; it is inexpensive and available in Aktobe bed. The nearest town – Elena, attractive alpine village, located just 5 miles to the plain, where there is a lovely snack, food and local entertainment. The city also Oktoberfest Camping in the fall.

Day temperature ranges from top 80 at the height of summer, winter up to 40s. Whatever the season, there is a year-round for those who love the great outdoors; fishing for trout, southern trekking, boating and canoeing. It seems, at the campsite Andrews BAC has everything for active recreation – oh! Except for camping shower, you might want to stop and take with you one of them, especially if you want the night goes to Elena, who smells a human and not a resident of the forest!

The top 10 tourist destinations in the world

National Park Khao Sok, Thailand

One way to explore the beautiful flora and fauna of the largest nature reserve in southern Thailand – canoeing on the river Khao Sok. Rainforest – one of the oldest in the world, which was preceded by a few million years in South America. The reserve is located a variety of animals, including elephants, bears, leopards and tigers.

Madykve Nature Reserve, South Africa

This reserve has private halls for all tastes: from the camp of the river Takada and his personal observation terraces, luxurious chalet at the Royal Madykve. Since 1991 was released more than 8,000 animals, safari lovers are almost guaranteed to see one of the 66 mammals and one of the 300 species of birds. To use this book, take tickets in Johannesburg and will take about three hours drive.

Nature Reserve Twasulu Kalahari, South Africa

After your long flight to Paris. Discover South Africa and the Kalahari Reserve Tvasulu. Hotels offer full board for small groups. Guests can confidently explore the unusual scenery and perhaps see one of the famous Kalahari lions.

Croajingolong National Park, Australia

On this stretch of beaches, estuaries, rivers and deep forests of eucalyptus trees, visitors can see koalas and kangaroos, as well as some of the 306 species of birds. In the middle of the park there is a wide choice of accommodation for all budgets, from campsites to Gypsy Point Lakeside Boutique luxury resort.

Cruise-dive, Red Sea, Egypt

Despite its popularity, the Red Sea offers divers always wonderful meeting with the marine life. One of the best ways to avoid other divers to go to places accessible only by boat. Food and diving, are usually included in the fare, and diving instructors are there to support you.

Safari on horseback, Elavston National Park, USA

What better way to explore the park Elavston, becoming a cowboy? Leaving the ideal blend, you will find places that tourists do not see a 4×4, and you will feel closer to the breathtaking scenery. Many mammals live in the Yellowstone bison, grizzly bears, black bears, moose, cougars, lynx and now a pack of 13 wolves.

Gorilla Safari Rwanda

After years of poaching and because some realized that gorillas are worth more alive than dead, ruandanskiya gorillas are now protected. To this end, a safari, you need to be in physical form, as it can go a lot of cross country. And it is desirable to book in advance: only eight visitors can spend an hour in one of the seven, seven & # 39; ads primates.

Watching Orcas, Vancouver, Canada

Among marine mammals, which are observed in the waters of Vancouver, arches are the most popular. In the period from April to August, about 80 whales have returned to the region, and visitors have a 90% chance to see a group of arches. Some professionals offer does not charge a fee when their visitors do not see. Like the fact that you can enjoy at a lower price, particularly at a time when cheap flights to Canada.

National Reserve Masai Mara, Kenya

Life is not a wildebeest & # 39 is smooth sailing. Their annual migration between parks Serengetsi and mass Mara – one of the most beautiful spectacles of the natural world. The last obstacle – the Mara River, when a shallow ford, most manage to cross, otherwise the wildebeest will serve as a great dinner hungry crocodile. Enjoy this amazing scene while staying in luxury lodges and resorts in the Masai Mara.

Adventures of a bear, Manitoba, Canada / Churchill, US

Fans of the bears will be happy to know that you can see the black bears and polar bears in a single campaign. First, you are present in the migration of polar bears in Churchill, then stay in the mountains Horse at the national park, where you can see, in addition to bears, moose, elk and bison.

Road peas beds for children compared with children's bed for adults

We live in Canada, and our son Hold'em is now just over a year. We travel a lot – on trips to the house of the grandparents to look at other members of our family & # 39; and – so the availability of a portable baby cot for our son is important.

As long as Hold'em was nine months old, he will sleep in the road bed for babies Little Little Life (LittleLife). Some of our friends used the road bed of pea (PeaPod) for newborns.

I thought it would be interesting to compare the two beds.

Little Travel (LittleLife) Cots for babies

  • weight1.7 pounds or less than 775 grams
  • fold size: Diameter 30 cm x 5 cm or 12 cm diameter x thickness 2.
  • assembled sizeWidth 56 cm x 100 cm length x 40 cm in height. Inches that 22 wide x 40 long x 16 in height
  • easy setup: Easy to install and saved one person
  • Access to the child: The side panels can be easily opened for quick access to the child.
  • Good air ventilation: Grid panels that will provide good air flow.
  • the sleeping surface: Removable soft lining that is soft to the touch, yet durable, providing good support for the child. Padding is removable, it is easy to clean.
  • availabilityIt can be purchased on-line seller for $ 60

Pallet for pea (PeaPod)

  • weight: Approximately 2 pounds – less than one kilogram
  • fold size: Diameter 35 cm x 12.7 cm in height and 14 inches in diameter x 5
  • assembled sizeWidth 76 cm x 122 cm length x 45 cm in height and 30 inches wide x 48 long x 18 height
  • easy setup: Easy installation by one person – it can be difficult to pack.
  • Access to the child: The side panels can be easily opened for quick access to the child.
  • Good air ventilation: Grid panels that will provide good air flow.
  • the sleeping surfaceAn inflatable air mattress helps protect baby from the cold and provides a comfortable place to sleep. Inflate the mattress means that planting beds will need more time. The air pump is supplied to the bed.
  • availabilityYou can buy in online vendors for about $ 85.


  • weight: This weight – without the benefit of
  • fold sizePreference Little Life because of its smaller size
  • assembled sizePreference pea pod – it is more
  • easy setupPreference is little life, since it is easier to delay. Both are easy to set up.
  • Access to the child: Similar design – without the benefit of
  • Good air ventilation: Similar design – without the benefit of
  • the sleeping surfacePreference Little Life – soft liner easier to configure
  • availabilityPreference Little Life – can be purchased online at 25% less

The general advantage Road Little Life baby bed.

Bed Little Life can be purchased online at Baby Travel Planet for less than 60 dollars. Mountain Baby pea pod sells for $ 84.95.