Camping at the campsite Andrews Kay, Georgia, USA

Located at the National scenic path Appalachian camping Andrews BAC located between the mountains on the French ridge on an elevated position with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountain. The site has some amenities, including 6 areas with streams, each of which has a prepared base on which to place a tent, lanterns stand for a picnic and a fireplace / grill. Field site are not that of each other, so complete confidentiality is impossible, but, as usual, in the camps, there is a social atmosphere, and exchange fire with people in the open air – part of the experience.

At this point there are toiletries, but, as in many other places camping, dumb soul to rest and another wash. Nearby there is a stream of water, so for those who remember to take a portable camping, it is easy to clean. Availability is somewhat limited, and though 4WD is not needed for RV type vehicles is not enough clearance.

Site requires payment for the credit system to $ 10 in a safe box and is located in the buffer zone, which is patrolled by Chattahoochee Rangers, who check vacationers payments and maintain the territory. Usually they are very unobtrusive. The environment must be maintained intact a way that does not harm the environment, and thus, it is assumed that the rest behave responsibly. This includes removal of debris and the preservation of small creeks and streams, pure clean water which is crucial to the ecosystem – the use of detergents / soaps in these rivers is not permitted – a good reason to take this portable travel shower with you!

Camping Andrews Cow – a favorite for the march to the south; area has so much to offer travelers, from the lazy days of the numerous nature trails Nature and Adventure trips over the hills. Cove Andrews and trails Whitly Gap – very popular with visitors camping. The area stunningly beautiful and heavily wooded. For those who just want to relax, there is fishing for trout and even close to the golf course! Please note that those who want to fish in rivers need a fishing permit; it is inexpensive and available in Aktobe bed. The nearest town – Elena, attractive alpine village, located just 5 miles to the plain, where there is a lovely snack, food and local entertainment. The city also Oktoberfest Camping in the fall.

Day temperature ranges from top 80 at the height of summer, winter up to 40s. Whatever the season, there is a year-round for those who love the great outdoors; fishing for trout, southern trekking, boating and canoeing. It seems, at the campsite Andrews BAC has everything for active recreation – oh! Except for camping shower, you might want to stop and take with you one of them, especially if you want the night goes to Elena, who smells a human and not a resident of the forest!