The top 10 tourist destinations in the world

National Park Khao Sok, Thailand

One way to explore the beautiful flora and fauna of the largest nature reserve in southern Thailand – canoeing on the river Khao Sok. Rainforest – one of the oldest in the world, which was preceded by a few million years in South America. The reserve is located a variety of animals, including elephants, bears, leopards and tigers.

Madykve Nature Reserve, South Africa

This reserve has private halls for all tastes: from the camp of the river Takada and his personal observation terraces, luxurious chalet at the Royal Madykve. Since 1991 was released more than 8,000 animals, safari lovers are almost guaranteed to see one of the 66 mammals and one of the 300 species of birds. To use this book, take tickets in Johannesburg and will take about three hours drive.

Nature Reserve Twasulu Kalahari, South Africa

After your long flight to Paris. Discover South Africa and the Kalahari Reserve Tvasulu. Hotels offer full board for small groups. Guests can confidently explore the unusual scenery and perhaps see one of the famous Kalahari lions.

Croajingolong National Park, Australia

On this stretch of beaches, estuaries, rivers and deep forests of eucalyptus trees, visitors can see koalas and kangaroos, as well as some of the 306 species of birds. In the middle of the park there is a wide choice of accommodation for all budgets, from campsites to Gypsy Point Lakeside Boutique luxury resort.

Cruise-dive, Red Sea, Egypt

Despite its popularity, the Red Sea offers divers always wonderful meeting with the marine life. One of the best ways to avoid other divers to go to places accessible only by boat. Food and diving, are usually included in the fare, and diving instructors are there to support you.

Safari on horseback, Elavston National Park, USA

What better way to explore the park Elavston, becoming a cowboy? Leaving the ideal blend, you will find places that tourists do not see a 4×4, and you will feel closer to the breathtaking scenery. Many mammals live in the Yellowstone bison, grizzly bears, black bears, moose, cougars, lynx and now a pack of 13 wolves.

Gorilla Safari Rwanda

After years of poaching and because some realized that gorillas are worth more alive than dead, ruandanskiya gorillas are now protected. To this end, a safari, you need to be in physical form, as it can go a lot of cross country. And it is desirable to book in advance: only eight visitors can spend an hour in one of the seven, seven & # 39; ads primates.

Watching Orcas, Vancouver, Canada

Among marine mammals, which are observed in the waters of Vancouver, arches are the most popular. In the period from April to August, about 80 whales have returned to the region, and visitors have a 90% chance to see a group of arches. Some professionals offer does not charge a fee when their visitors do not see. Like the fact that you can enjoy at a lower price, particularly at a time when cheap flights to Canada.

National Reserve Masai Mara, Kenya

Life is not a wildebeest & # 39 is smooth sailing. Their annual migration between parks Serengetsi and mass Mara – one of the most beautiful spectacles of the natural world. The last obstacle – the Mara River, when a shallow ford, most manage to cross, otherwise the wildebeest will serve as a great dinner hungry crocodile. Enjoy this amazing scene while staying in luxury lodges and resorts in the Masai Mara.

Adventures of a bear, Manitoba, Canada / Churchill, US

Fans of the bears will be happy to know that you can see the black bears and polar bears in a single campaign. First, you are present in the migration of polar bears in Churchill, then stay in the mountains Horse at the national park, where you can see, in addition to bears, moose, elk and bison.