Bear in Alaska, Part 1: The Alaska Railroad

Bearfooting is a good time. This state of mind when traveling is more important purpose. This is exactly what Alaska was when I went there in August 2011 – a beautiful country bear.

Only then Frontier Airlines released the tailed airplane "animals", and my vacation in Alaska could not be more appropriate to begin. I met a guy who went to Dylingem fishing for trout, and he had all these unusual magazines about catch and release, which they practice, to ensure that all enough fish to catch fish! Guess I finally read the flight … and he said he had never seen a woman who was interested in similar materials!

I love trains; they make me happy. On the railway Alaska has one of the most beautiful train that I have ever seen – painted in wonderful colors of blue and gold colors. They synchronize the timing of the train from Anchorage Steward-so that it comes out of the mountains bathed in evening sunlight – a heavenly sight.

So you can imagine my excitement when I actually traveled by train when I & # 39; went to Dan. I would love one of those who traveled on the trains, but it ended up more tourist promotion than pure travel experiences. (I would appreciate Indian Railways Konkan in this respect is better on the step.) Several beautiful pictures emerald creeks and lonely cottages later train plunged into Denali Park Depot.

Signs "bear awareness" is everywhere in Dan. I became interested in Salmon Bake, local restaurants and small food near the park entrance. Their menu usually Alyaskanski – cedar salmon, tacos, halibut, turbot smashed beer, etc., and some things are thrown i n for Trapeznikov like me!

Happy backpacks, soulful live music, dancing couples and sunlit Alaskan range makes this place very special evening. I came back here, on the way to Ankorizh after Fairbanks and the Arctic Circle, and I liked it more and more. It was then that I met Daisy, mountain dog, who took the royal position, despite the fact that her hair had been killed two hours. Another training day: $ 5 balls of the subway do not exist in Alaska!

The place where I was located, the hostel Denali Mountain Morning, it was nice and rustic. She had a great sense of community. The best thing about hostels – this is what you meet a lot of new people who are there to meet people! I tried to keep the conversation with the Japanese woman at 6am. She toured the country in a new country, the language which speaks limited, and she imagined confidence that I doubt if I were in her shoes. I stayed in a hole with four other people with whom it was difficult to communicate because of my hectic schedule.

The whole place was sharp, and I highly recommend the hostel to anyone who plans to visit Dan. Bathrooms are located outside the frame, and if you plan to be out of bed at 5:00 in the morning (as I do), you may crave the cozy heated next to your bed! But if you're like me, you enjoy the morning morning Nenana, which runs next to the hostel.