Independence Day Celebration for new immigrants

July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, making the United States a nation of their own, freed from British rule. Every year we celebrate this holiday thanks to a series of cultural traditions that may not be familiar to new immigrants. This is a national holiday, which is characteristic only for the US, and in 2013 we celebrate the 237 th birthday of America. Read about some of the traditions and participate in this year!

national holiday

Independence Day with a & # 39; is a recognized national holiday, but it means that it is celebrated throughout the United States. Federal employees get the day off with pay, as non-employees may qualify for higher rates of pay if they want to work. Some services, such as banks or post offices may not be available, while others may work a limited time.


Parade, large and small, is common throughout the country on July 4. The streets are blocked so that people can go through the city, while celebrating the Holiday. You can see the soldiers, children, celebrities, cars or complex buoys that are on the street, on the side where gay viewers.


Independence Day – time patriotic music. You are likely to hear the anthem today; Why not learn the words, if you do not already know? Other popular songs – "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "America the Beautiful," "This is the land – your land," and "Give God the United States." Musical themes are aimed at freedom, liberty, and the United States.


Since July 4 falls on the height of the American summer, is a great reason to cook outdoors. Seven & # 39; and, friends and the community gather for barbecues and picnics, putting dishes such as potato salad, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and apple pie.

Red, white and blue

Red, white and blue – the colors of the traditional July 4th and they come from the American flag. Also known as the "Stars and Stripes" or "Star fabric" flag has played a key role in this celebration. C & # 39 is on flagpoles, in windows, on clothes and more. Usually people wear red, white and blue clothing and accessories to show their national pride.


Salute from the & # 39; is the main feature of the celebration of the 4th of July. Across the country, the city put the fireworks after dusk. People gather in a permitted location, often with blankets or lawn chairs to enjoy the show. Many people also lit a small firework at home. Fireworks safety is very important, but about fireworks laws vary from state to state.