Travel to India: some general guidelines for foreign tourists

India – is a fascinating country with wide regional differences in the historical, geographical, cultural, linguistic and gastronomic terms. For strangers asking all at once will be a tumultuous experience. Make sure get ready for some truly memorable experiences. To make this experience memorable in a positive way, please click approximate recommendations below.

Travel in India takes time, effort and concrete help from reliable people. It makes sense to be classified under the heading of travel: it is a religious or spiritual experience? It is for adventure sports such as hiking, camping and mountain climbing? It is worth to enjoy the historical and cultural flavors of the country? If you can not classify his exact cause of the trip and want a quick and general overview of anything likely, you will need the person or agency that will guide you through the entire circuit without problems.

Before you embark on a journey to India, make sure you are at your disposal the right kind of clothing / apparel. If during the period from October to March the best time to travel around the country, then you can come prepared with a light cotton or linen clothes for daytime and a light jacket for the evenings. This is especially true of those who visited North India and is planning to travel on trips or just an ordinary journey towards peradgor & # 39; ads or Himalayan zones. Generally speaking, in northern India in December and January can be quite cold in most parts of the minimum temperature in degrees can be 0-4 degrees. If you plan to stay in the Himalayan areas or in urban cities, carry heavy woollens. Both in Europe and the US, among other places, in addition to luxury hotels, there is no concept of central heating (or air conditioning). In the south and west of the country there is practically no winter, which can even start the day. Top equipment for casual travelers – open sandals and light cotton things.

The summer months are roughly from late March to September, really hot throughout the country, and at this time it is not recommended to visit India. There are a few months, for example, May and June, when a person can even get sick because of the heat: the more that you are ill-equipped to 48-50 degrees temperature. While in Northern and Central India conditions of dry heat in the summer in the East and the West, there is a high moisture content, which dehydrates the body and leaves you feeling exhausted and unfit. If you do choose this time to visit India, please, bring a bottle of drinking water, No matter where you were, sunglasses and an umbrella, it is desirable to reduce the intensity of the sun, when you find yourself in the fresh air. If you do not follow this advice, you can become a victim of the heat or sun stroke.

Recently there has been a fear of security that lets hundreds of tourists to the nation. For example, the threat of terrorism is not excluded, but it is not something that requires the cancellation of tickets. Frankly speaking, the threat of terrorism in India is as real as the same threat faced by the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States. In the past, there were unpleasant incidents, but the country is still possible to go, provided that you do not access potentially dangerous areas, such as border states who share a border line with neighboring countries.

Foreign tourists who travel to India, it is recommended to stay in groups or with local friends from India. Although the travel agency will monitor your security as a whole, they can not control your movement if you wander around on their own and are willing to land in the hands of people zlonameshchanyh. They may take the form Hecker on the market that promise cheap accommodation in a hotel or pushing any product that they make you consider a great deal. Travelers, women are advised not to be alone at night, and do not take a taxi without a local well-known support, preferably male. There were many occasions when the single white female traveler, who stand out for their beautiful skin and a complete lack of knowledge with respect to the average Indian male who looks at women as something that had to "be". It is recommended never to take from the side of the road (male) ( "female"), a friend who works in addition, but it has to have other patterns, such as theft or rape. Also, avoid those who offer you food: it may be associated with drugs that SEL & # 39; you are of the senses.

Foreign tourists are advised to wear clothes that are not subject to particular skin. Although most foreigners disregards this rule, it is wise to wear clothes that will help you blend in with the crowd. In India, any woman who wears clothes that expose treated as free and available for the purpose of predatory men. Also remember that it is reasonable to carry pepper sprays: cases where an unknown man who can spoil your body, will come again and again …. Spray should be used when the boundaries are exceeded, and if the situation becomes dangerous.

As for the food, it is reasonable to carry out an independent supply of canned foods, just in case, if the local food can not agree with your air. The vast majority of Indians from the & # 39 are vegetarians, so the most easily available food is always vegetarian. Currently, most major Indian cities have the most modern shopping malls and supermarkets that sell what your heart wishes. In addition, in the big cities have a lot of A-class restaurants and the B-Class. You can also stay for a few food courts, which are in shopping centers …. here you are sure to get value for money and everything.

The same can not be said about the trip to the small city of India, where time is more or less necessary, and even shopping centers are present here, on the world food demand is low, and therefore, this sector is still lacking. You might have to do local food is good, but it may be too spicy for the western sky. Buy your own bottled water: in smaller restaurants are usually given water from a tap that can threaten your system.

For western travelers unfamiliar signs of extreme poverty may be more than a shock. Beggars usually makes reference point for foreign tourists, as they are easy targets. The trick is to be ignored at any cost. It will be hard to close your eyes at her prostrate and impoverished child or the child with a runny nose and a dirty appearance, but it must be done. If you are generous to each other, to be sure, with the & # 39 ten more appear to surround and harass the daylights out of you.

More positively, the travel industry in India is quite well developed, and the momentum that would like to see and experience an ordinary Westerner. Travel packages offer attractive features that leave you a lot of traction. Take your camera with you wherever you go. In each case will be pictures.

In particular, for women who travel India offers no hygienic toilets at each point, which means that you have to "hold" until you get back to the hotel. Most disgusting habit of the average Indian man who immerses himself in the road in the open air – it's a shock to most.

India – a country that has unlimited possibilities when it comes to travel. Check out the prices and availability Var they & # 39; iruyutstsa from mid-range to luxury and the latest offers everything you might want, and even most.

In India, there are personal friends, then you've already got a gold mine. There can be no better channel to guide you during the trip. The Indians, by and large, warm people and a very positive attitude to the guests. As mentioned earlier, the cultural and regional diversity is large, which makes Indian culture one of the most robust, vibrant and colorful world. If you do not make a physical presence here, it is impossible to explain what was going on the country. With a population of more than 1.2 billion, it is a fantastic country, which dabraslavlyaetstsa alpine, desert, plains, coast and plaskagor & # 39; families. As a result, adventure travel: camping, hiking, climbing and wildlife safari – well-developed tourism sector. For the nature lover or history or human, filled with wandering: do not miss your chance comes when a ticket to visit India on the doorstep.

For the business traveler, India will provide welcoming and encouraging conditions. The advantage of business travelers to the random is that business travelers have prepared guides for traveling around the country, which constitute its owners.

Language spoken in India – Hindi and English.