Why is it so difficult to buy a stroller for Axiom Mobility in Canada?

Axiom Mobility strollers designed to give families the opportunity to go in a situation where normal mobile tools simply can not cut it – for example, the study of walking trails, hiking in the snow in the winter out & # 39; e or a get-together on the beach. They are heavy, but less weight than other comparable carriage.

The problem is that many people who need the flexibility of the Chair, it was very difficult to find in Canada, health food store or a mobile vendor in which accessible wheelchair Axiom.

People in Canada can easily find truck in US networking vendors. The problem lies in the fact that many networks do not send retail sales in Canada, or if they make additional charges for delivery of wheelchairs to prohibitively expensive.

For example, the carriage of 1 Axiom is designed for children from 4 months to 4 years and has a maximum weight of 85 pounds. You can find it online at a price of 500 dollars. If you can find a US dealer that sends carriage to Canada, the cost of delivery carriage to Canada will cost another $ 80, and then to add to this fee for registration of $ 60 to go through carriage across the border. This carriage 500 is now $ 500 2B% 2B% 80 80 $ 60 for a new total of $ 640.

That was then, this is now. The same carriage Axiom 1 is now available in Canada for $ 499.99, including shipping, duties and taxes.

Now there's a Canadian dystryb & # 39; Yutariya wheelchairs Axiom of 1, 2 and 3 for the Canadian health food stores and dealers of mobile supply. This means that seven & # 39; and are now able to connect with organizations such as the …

  • Shoppers Home Health
  • movement specialty
  • Harduyuchyya medical materials

… and work with the staff of these organizations to discuss and determine their needs. If it is found that Axiom truck can meet their needs, they can now easily order them to store medical supplies.

Another example of pricing – the cradle of Axiom 2, calculated on the weight of 150 pounds. When ordering from US dealers it will cost 1245 dollars after adding freight, duties and taxes. It is now available in Canadian stores medical power of 1085 dollars. Similarly, Axiom 3, designed to vagovay capacity of 200 pounds, at the order of the US dealer will cost after the addition of all charges in 1360 dollars. It is now available in Canadian stores health food for $ 1,200.

carriage cost is important. Even more important is the opportunity to get the equipment that needs a family & # 39; and. This is good news for the seven active & # 39; families who will benefit from the availability of a cradle with special needs that line of mobile kalyshak Axiom is now readily available in Canada.