Basic information about traveling to Australia

Most people do not know how different things might be on a trip to another country. On the currency in which sports are most popular, you will find that when you are traveling are all very different. To make it less a shock to you, here are some necessary information about traveling to Australia, so you know a little bit about what to expect.

If you think about how to bring any electronics with me, you should know that the electrical outlets in Australia is very different from North America. If you have a cell phone or laptop that you will need to connect while you are here, you will need to purchase an adapter before you go. After the adaptation of these adapters are hard to find. Make sure that you have purchased and do not forget to pack it!

You will see that money in Australia, too, are quite different. The course will be in your favor, if you live in the US, as the Australian dollar worth less. One interesting thing that you will notice about the Australian paper money, is the fact that it is made of plastic. Australia – the first country in the world, which printed plastic money, and changes between 1992 and 1996.

One interesting information about traveling to Australia is that drinking tea in restaurants in Australia not to & # 39 is common. While eating in restaurants you should not feel obligated to give advice. Of course, it evaluated, when you do, but it is not expected.

This is one of the most interesting facts about traveling to Australia, which is important to know if you plan to visit. Make sure that you bring home some of their plastic money as a souvenir, if you go home, because you will likely not see it quickly.

Shortcut to US citizenship!

US citizenship is not easy to obtain. We must live in the US for ten years or so, to be eligible for the same. But then, this is the only way? As with any other aspect, and there are shortcuts. You can become a United States citizen at least six months, if you join the US Army.

With the new fix temporary skilled migrants are now allowed to join the US Army. However, these migrants are those who have H-1B visa and so on, and live in the US for at least two years. This amendment has been made due to the lack of personnel to be recruited into the army. The requirement also arises with staff located in Iraq, Afghanistan and so on.

This amendment for the first time after the war in B & # 39; etname armed forces are open to temporary residents of the US. However, for the military have a green card. It can also be seen as a tactic for entry of more people into the army.

With the recession and slow growth of the market is an open option for many immigrants who wish to settle in the United States. Thus, it is the shortest way to become a citizen of the United States, which serves the country.

It is basically a pilot program for one year, if from across the country will be recruited thousands of immigrants. The process starts with New York.

Presumably, with skilled immigrants entering into the US Army, there are many opportunities to improve the quality of army personnel. This is because these highly skilled workers with years of experience and know-how for many foreign languages. It would not have been in many Indians. Thus, it would be easy to pass these specific skills and be sure to fill in the gaps with regard to the interpretation of language, medical and other intelligence requirements.

This program is very useful for migrants of Indian origin, who make up the largest immigrant population in the United States under the Skilled Migrant Category. However, Latinos, who usually speak Spanish, make up the largest population in the unskilled category.

About five hundred fifty people will be brought from New York, and four fifty – from other areas of the country. Those who speak on one of the thirty-five-specific languages ​​such as Arabic, Tamil, Hindi or Urdu, Chinese and so on, are eligible for this program. Nonetheless, those who spoke in Spanish, is strictly forbidden.

With US Marines always difficult to cope with different languages, it can be a new beginning for the same, particularly those that are located in Afghanistan and pakskih areas.

This program is also gaining three hundred doctors from other parts of the US.

If this program is successful, it will be extended to all other areas of the US military.

So, if you feel that the United States – your home and for your generation, it does not seem a bad option!

Hiking in the Triple Crown

Triple crown – one of the most violent and long trips to Earth. For many fans of the completion of this road with the & # 39 is the apex of all tourist experiences there. The Triple Crown describes the combination of three of the longest tracks in the US. Combined road stretches almost 7700 miles, or 12,391 kilometers. Experts say that this length is a third method in the world.

Assessing an incredible amount of distance that you want to pass, it is not surprising that only a little less than 200 people actually got a chance to complete the Triple Crown. To give you a concept, completion of the trip can take many years and a lot of camping gear. Nevertheless, if you will cope with this high task, you will become one of those couples who really see to the wildest, most diverse and most bizarre. Here you can admire volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, tropical forests, deserts. And just when you think you have all seen it, the triple crown in the end will surprise you even more. Some of the most incredible sights that you encounter with the expedition, composed of the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, waterfalls and episcopal Pass in the Sierra Nevada, California.

As the completion of the "triple crown" means the recognition of the American Association of hiking. The three most famous trekking routes in the country consist of the Appalachians, the walls of the Continental Drive and Pacific ridge path.

Appalachian Trail – it is a well-established long-distance route, which begins in Georgia and stretches over 2,000 miles. He refers to the 14 states and emphasizes the big Las on the east coast. When you are done this way, you will eventually find yourself in Maine. Some tourists start their way in the spring and spend about six months before you finalize it. Many path does not require permission. In addition, there are more than 250 shelters on the way which could be used by tourists.

The path of the continental division became chief in 1978. However, oddly enough, it is only 73 per cent of the route to personal homes. Nevertheless, this is a long way in your experience triple crown, covering 3,100 miles and five states. Continental Divide will take you to several of the best national parks in the country, such as Elavston, Rocky Mountain and Glacier. Way got its name, as acts as a physical line that separates East and West.

Pacific Crest Trail has all the good things about the western region of the United States. It covers all of southern California way to Northern Washington. The western border with mountain and desert plains takes center stage throughout the campaign. You will see more than 2,700 miles of pure glory. A few highlights include Pacific crest desert three sisters, the top glaciers in Washington and the High Sierra.

Triple Crown should not be all of the time and physical needs. But for the typical tourist, there is no factor to check out some sites famous tracks. In the end, all of these wonderful courses are open all year round. If you take for the necessary planning, you can walk for a couple of miles from the triple crown, to get a view of the stunning scenery and admire the vibrant surrounding neighborhoods, and perhaps you will definitely be motivated to continue to go!


Honolulu – the largest city in the state of Hawaii. Remote from the US mainland, its culture, norms, traditions and way of life is completely different from what you might have seen in the US mainland. Contrary to popular belief, not from Honolulu & # 39 is a respite from the busy life in the capital city, but it still has the feeling of a relaxed island atmosphere.

Access to Honolulu

Honolulu International Airport – a very convenient option to access to this city. Cruise ship – another reasonable alternative that you can use to achieve this mesmerizing city atmosphere. If you want to drive to get around the city, make sure you have a good map of Honolulu, or it may become too confusing. If you do not want to drive yourself, then the bus service and taxis are also a good choice. Traffic – a major problem in Honolulu, so I would not recommend you go as long as you do not entrain to drive in these conditions.


Beach Waikiki – one of the most popular beaches, which think visitors planning a trip to Honolulu. Beach with white sand and clear blue water – this is the main reason. This beach is popular in almost various kinds of travelers, whether tan, catamaran, swimmers, surfers, pensions and just someone who loves water sports. This place is a lot of people, because of which it is often crowded. But even if you prefer a quiet beach, look no further Honolulu, it also offers tranquil beaches like Hanauma Bay.

scenic beauty

Diamond Head – one of the most popular places in Honolulu, which has an international reputation for its scenic beauty. Preferably, the upper zone also gives a panoramic view of the entire city and it looks impressive, as if you have come into a new world of beautiful scenery. Protective Complex Nu & # 39; uana Pali provides wonderful scenic and broad views of the whole city. Despite the strong wind, if you watched the landscape, it would forget everything else.


Plain and simple words, Honolulu very average climate that does not change much throughout the year. The only significant change you might notice – it may rain. In most areas, mostly sunny, but if you are near a hilly area, you will watch the clouds, or maybe a little rain. West region mostly sunny, but as you know, in the east or the north region of the clouds and rain.


There are plenty of local restaurants, ie a network of regional lightning, which are very well known by the locals as well as visitors. Their meal with the brand – a unique kind of dish of chili, which is available in a variety of dishes, which makes it even more delicious and unique.


Most of the accommodation available for tourists in Honolulu, is located next to Waikiki. Honolulu peak season is usually from mid-December to March and from June to September. In other seasons you can easily get the most favorable and advantageous offers for accommodation.

How to find a rich vacation in North Africa at competitive prices

Holidays in North Africa in 2013, appears to be a & # 39 is the most complex mystery travelers. Let's meet: a dollar today is weaker than at any time since the late 1970s. This means that our budget vacation, when we go outside the US, we buy less abroad than we would like. Cozy hotel near Mayfair in London these days can easily run $ 500 per night. And you would have paid more in Paris or Rome. Who can afford it? There are somewhere in the world is accessible, luxurious, with interesting places to visit, delicious cuisine, rich of hotels, bolts climate, but it does not lead you to bankruptcy?

You can bet! North Africa – a place of choice for the well-informed who want to live a good life with a low price. From Morocco to Tunisia to Algeria, you'll find the best holiday of 2013, available anywhere in the world. You can try a 5-star dinner in Tunisia, visit the charming bitches Marrakech and Fez, ride exotic and unsullied beaches along the thousands of miles of coast Southern Honey, enjoying windsurfing and scuba diving in the warm, inviting water and everything. it is in a year-round climate, which competes with the Santa Barbara, California. The best thing is that it will cost much cheaper than a holiday with less quality and comfort in the United States.

Once you are in North Africa, if you feel adventurous enough (and rich enough) to spend a day or two in Europe, you can easily do it for a minimum price of the aircraft. Tunisia by air closer to Rome than Los Angeles to San Francisco. We forget how small the Mediterranean basin, because we think of it in terms of ancient history – the Roman galleries and sailing ships. In this modern world, you can fasten around the Honey in the air quickly and cheaply.

Why in North Africa this year, such a deal? This is partly due to the exchange rate, but maybe it's more due to the selective nature of the opportunities available to travelers who with & # 39 are smart and risky.

Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria – three areas that provide the optimum mix of diversity, comfort and safety. Tragically, Libya travel industry was just beginning to rise to the revolution in 2011 plunged kiksatychnaga dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who has yet to recover. Something like 150,000 tourists visited the ancient Greek and Roman ruins of Libya and its breathtaking landscapes of the Sahara desert in 2006, before the problem reached a peak, and all the people, even then he was only about 10 000 hotel beds.

In 2012, after the so-called "Arab Spring" Tunisia took more than 7 million tourists, which is 50 times higher than on the & # 39; volume in Libya. Tiny, safe, Tunisia, the proportion of the size of Libya, has more than 210 thousand hotel beds. And here's the best news of all: You can stay in a five star hotel in Tunis for less than half the cost of equivalent habitats in Europe, sometimes to one-third the cost. Tourism today with & # 39 is the largest in Tunis Currency property, which is ten percent of the country's economy. Tunisian gatelisty know what they do. The number of annual visitors to Tunisia is approximately equal to the entire population! Tunisia – is, above all, a place that knows how to take the guests of honor.

Then why in the United States almost nobody hears about Tunisia as a holiday destination? Millions of visitors to Tunisia mainly come from France, Germany, Italy and the UK. Less than half of Tunisia's tourists come from the United States, and most of them arriving on cruise ships in the beautiful harbor of Tunis, having spent in this little-known, but a dreamland just a few hours. You can enjoy Tunisia for a small price and rest there, which will be one of the best in life.

The same applies to holiday in Morocco (favorable place for the Americans since, when Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman made "Casablanca" in 1942, forever placing Morocco on the cultural map), and Algeria, which is less well known, but rapidly developing recreation opportunities that compete her two neighbors.

Let us stop with safety issues. Let's say you are a single woman who is planning a trip to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. This may be a response that you get from your family & # 39; and and friends: –

"Are not you afraid? Look at all these demonstrations and upheavals that we've seen on CNN three years ago! I do not North Africa terrorist risk? I think you should think and cancel! Go instead to visit Emily's aunt in the beautiful city center Detroit! "

In fact, you should not cancel! Chances are that you will have a wonderful holiday. Here are the facts: in Tunisia started the "Arab Spring", Tunisav trying to achieve democracy and political freedom. Even in the midst of turmoil and since then no tourist has suffered due to political turmoil.

Tunisia today is much safer than most American cities. Tunisia depends on the lucky visitors to survive economically, visitors who want to go back anymore. Thus, you will be thrilled and delighted with the locals, from which you come across, from taxi drivers to waiters at your hotel, and they will long to meet you. You will also learn how many Tunisians speak in English. Almost all Tunisians Trilingual, and many speak four languages.

So enjoy your stay in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco! You'll probably enjoy the beautiful outside & # 39; eat, warm sunshine and blue skies. Whether in the center of its city or on guided tours through the deserts and beaches of North Africa, you will always shrouded hospitable comfort. In 2013, realized that the most glamorous destinations for Americans who want to fabulous, but inexpensive vacation, lie in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

10 of the most favorite tourist attractions in California

California – a popular place for tourists when they visit America. Weather & # 39; e is excellent and there are many attractions which tourists flock in this state. There are plenty of options of places to visit. This is the west coast of the state boasts of thousands of tourists all year round. Beautiful beaches, national parks, waterfalls, the list of attractions of California just does not end, and therefore, it is one of the main tourist destinations in the United States. If you make your tour of California, visit the 10 most favorite tourist attractions in California, which are listed below.


Disneyland is located in Anaheim. It is the home of all the kids favorite cartoon characters. You should definitely visit this place. This is a favorite time of children. This is definitely headed schedule when it comes to the 10 most favorite tourist attractions of California.

Napa ValleyNapa Wali – the largest producer of wine in the United States. It is located about 50 miles north of San Francisco. There are many wineries that are open to all for free wine tasting. So it's an absolute treat for all wine lovers.


Hollywood in Los Angeles – A must for all tourists as it is a place where all the Hollywood stars, so do not miss the chance to see your favorite star or two.

fisherman's wharf

Located in San Francisco Fisherman & # 39; s Wharf – a popular neighborhood, where there are several excellent restaurants where you can taste delicious seafood.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Built in 1937 in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge was the largest suspension bridge, which has become an important symbol of the city of San Francisco.

National Park Osemit

Traveling in California, you should not miss Yosemite National Park. This place is the scenic beauty. This place is a & # 39 is a favorite destination for all climbers. The main attraction here – the Yosemite Falls.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Tourist attractions in California a lot, and the list is not complete if you have not visited the aquarium, which is located south of San Francisco. Here there are a lot of marine life, as he is, sharks and wolf.

Pits La Brea Tar

Located in Los Angeles, this item has become an important destination for all paleantalagav. Asphalt seeps to the surface, which is why many prehistoric animals use to get stuck and petrified.

Sonoma Valley and Bodega Bay

Sonoma Valley and Bodega conducted year round festivals, which also includes the Sonoma Valley Film Festival. Other tourist attractions include the Russian River, Train Town and Botanical Garden Cor & # 39; er Hill.

Hearst castle

The castle is situated on a hill. It needs to be planned visit by bus tour. It is located exactly between San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is built like the old castles of historical times.

Top 10 tourist attractions in California who can not miss the next time when you visit these places. So that an appropriate plan a journey to your trip unforgettable.

6 tips on climbing Kilimanjaro

If you have a dream to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, it will be fun to join the people who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. This physical undertaking requires a lot of preparation on your part.

The height of the mountain – 5895 meters. Moreover, it is considered the highest in the world worse, which stands on the loose. In addition, it is included in the list of the climbers and mountain hiking. We have listed below a few tips that you should follow if you are going to climb this mountain.

1. Set a budget

Typically, this trip can cost from 2,400 to 5,000 dollars per head. And this figure includes your transport, payment for parking, porters, mountain guides, meals, lodging, camping and flights.

Therefore, a good idea to work with a good tour operator. In fact, pay a little more, it's a good idea if you are going to hire an experienced and experienced tour operator.

2. Time your trip

Although you can schedule a trip at any time of the year, it is recommended not to draw up the plan in April, May or November. Much better to go there in the period from January to March. In these months, the roads less crowded and the weather & # 39; e pleasant.

3. Choose the best route

You can choose from seven routes. Each route has its own set of features such as length, popularity, and the complexity of the landscape. Therefore it is better to choose the right route, depending on your ability.

Even if you have chosen the shortest route, you'll need at least five days to get to the top.

4 Do not pack unnecessary things

Make sure you do not pack things that you do not need and can not carry with them during your ascent. Thus, it is a good idea to be selective when you placed your things. It is important for the success of your campaign.

Your tour operator can provide you with their own rapist. Usually they are delivered up to 15 kilograms of your belongings. If you need to carry more items, you'll have to carry it on his back. Ideally, you may want to carry no more than 20 pounds.

5. Train for adventure

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro is not easy. Whether you are renovating it or not, it will be difficult. In fact, it contains a level of difficulty most people from reaching the top of the mountain.

It is therefore important for you to be in physical form, if you will, that you have successfully reached the top position. Having said that, you can train for a few days before the trip. All you need to do it as much as possible to climb the mountain.

6. Get the correct gear

Make sure that you have the necessary gear before the big day. In fact, the rise without the necessary equipment – a big mistake. Therefore, a good idea to invest in a high quality transmission.

Thus, it is a few tips that you can keep in mind when you first pick up Kilimanjaro.

The best advice when choosing the best baby car seat

In recent years, hundreds of children in the United States suras & # 39; ozna injured. Some even suffer an early death in a car accident. These unintentional injury and death could have been prevented if the parents were able to keep the children in appropriate car seats. In the study, children who do not go in their respective seats, four times more likely to be injured or killed in the event of a car accident.

Because of this, in many states and countries have intensified security laws for children traveling young children, encouraging parents to provide car seats for their children. Often legally required in many areas to keep children on the ground for good reasons, and this will reduce the potential risk of injury, disability and loss of life during the accident. Moreover, for each of the parents it is very important to get the best baby car seat for their small children, and roads safety.

The responsibility of each parent – to provide children with the most reliable and secure environment for their children, even in the movement of the car. Parents should note and understand the need to use appropriate car seats for their children. For babies who are tiny and fragile body, a variety of child seats on the market. It is strongly recommended to purchase the specialized children's chair for the protection and comfort of the baby and the parents.

Your child's safety during transport should be your top priority at every journey with them. It is most suitable for searching and finding the best child car seats on the market, to optimize the protection and comfort of your baby travel. The following are the basic functions of the children's chairs:

Each child seat must be equipped with advanced security features, such as foam that absorb energy, protection of the back and side impacts, and more.

Choose a child seat with a high capacity to accommodate your growing child.

Choose a child seat with a fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. Not uncommon to children's products easily razmalyavalisya and spoiled the reason why you should choose a product that is easy to clean fabric. Thus, the cleaning will not take much of your time.

Acquire child seats that are easy to install and adjust. Purchase those in which there are convenient shutter, which allows to easily and quickly attached to the vehicle's rear seat.

Select a child seat with an easy to use and adjustable five-point harness. The five-pointed harness straps will fulfill the restriction for the child, and it should fit snugly to the nursing baby during each trip.

Choosing the best baby car seat can become one of the most difficult decisions for any parent. Best of all parents to read with all the features of the car seats to help them decide which child car seat will perfectly fit their lifestyle and needs.

Management of the economy through the Visa EB-5

EB-5 visa has been designed to attract foreign investors in the United States. Established in 1990, it allows immigravats for persons engaged in a commercial enterprise that benefits the US economy and create at least 10 jobs for a full working day. While green card does not promise a prospect. Since this visa enters its third decade, it has been successful in increasing the number of available jobs in the United States. Advice on jobs and competitiveness urged dramatically expand the program in a way that can lead up to 40 000 new jobs a year.

As the EB-5 visa benefits the US economy

financial growth

According to the Brookings Institute, the EB-5 program has brought more than $ 2.2 billion in the United States. Although this is a small percentage of the total foreign investment, it can have a big impact on local communities. Association to invest in the United States (IIUSA) forecasts that in fiscal year 2013 to the EB-5 capital will be added $ 2 billion. Theoretically visa EB-5 program is free for taxpayers.

number of jobs

These US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) indicate that 43 300 full-time jobs have been created as a result of EB-5 visa. Half of these jobs had been created since 2008, and most of them have been in the real estate sector. Many new jobs can be attributed to the establishment of regional centers, which are developed in the framework of EB-fifths of the program

work place

There are two types of geographic areas in which to invest the EB-5 investment with significant local benefits. The first – a "rural area" defined by USCIS as zone "outside the metropolis statistical area or outside of any city or town with a population of 20,000 and more." The second area – a special-purpose economic zone known as "zone of TEA", and it is characterized as an area with an unemployment rate of 150 percent or more of the national average. US Government Accountability Management (GAO) estimates that 41% of enterprises EB-5 were created in California.

types of investments

Over the past five years, the majority of investors came from China. Prior to this, South Korea was the leading source of visas to holders of EB-fifths Economic developers in the United States are now seeing the potential EB-5 program, if it is a focus on industries such as green technology and renewable energy. The program can be used to attract investors to the local industries that need. Past investors to invest money in the hotel, manufacturing, restaurants, real estate and farm.

Advantages of K1 Fiance Visa and CR1 spousal visa

Advantages of K1 Fiance Visa

The submission of the bride K1 K1 has some advantages. The obvious advantage to the & # 39 is that if you are not sure that marries the foreign fiancé, this visa allows you to "try" to be together in the US for 90 days before deciding to marry. If everything does not turn out as you planned, your groom should go home.

Another advantage is that the waiting time is usually shorter than the bride's visa marriage visa. In the US, less than the collection of documents, before the file is sent to the US consulate abroad to schedule an interview with & # 39; S. Skipping some collections of documents can save about 1-2 months.

The average waiting time from the first day of application to the US consulate in the US consulate visa approval is 6-7 months for a visa to the bride K1 and 8-9 months for marriage V-CR-1, IR-1. These are the common times, not counting the holiday season, such as Christmas and New Year, and for applications that are complete and easy to adopt the date of its dispatch.

Do not be fooled by advertising "terms of approval" after 4 to 5 months. They mean only the initial authorization USCIS, rather than approval of the visa. Approval of visas is completed the process of the harmonization with the USCIS, the National Visa Center and the American Consulate.

Another advantage Kance Fiance Visa to the & # 39 is that the US government charges lower than the initial proposal. The original application is less, since it is not an application for a green card, but rather a non-immigrant visa. I compare the cost of two visas at the end of this article.

Advantages VIS marriage (CR-1 – IR-1)

The top two benefits of conjugal visa lies in the fact that the process ends with a permanent residence (green card) for your husband's arrival in the US. Another advantage – the total cost. Even despite the fact that the Fiance Visa is cheaper than the original request, but as soon as the groom is in the US, and it is time to get married, the foreign spouse will have to apply for a green card in the United States.

Wes K1 for the bride – a temporary visa. Husband and wife must be adapted to conventional conjugal visa CR-1 after entering the US, and marriage.

As information, CR-1 – this term is intended to obtain a visa for wedding couples who were married at least two years. For couples who are married for two years, IR-1 – the term spousal visa. All residents visa conventional CR-1 can adapt to the permanent residence (IR-1) 90 days before the second wedding anniversary. CR1 good for 2 years, while the IR-1 – a 10-year green card. IR-1 can be renewed every 10 years.

By 2010, it took immigrant visas (CR-1 – IR-1) up to two years for approval. K1 Visa and the old K-3 will likely be close together. This is no longer true. approval time is near, but the Fiance Visa is faster.

Current fees for filing petitions for neimigrantav and immigrants

Petitions for neimigrantav / K1 with the bride

  • I-129F for K1: $ 340
  • Consular Processing: $ 131
  • After marriage in the United States:
  • I-130: $ 420
  • I-485 Adjustment of the board for the status of 1070 dollars

Petitions for immigrant CR1 / IR1 visa Married

  • I-130: $ 420
  • Fee for NVC, AOS: $ 88
  • The fee for filing a visa: 404 dollars
  • The fee for permanent residence in the consulate $ 165.00

thank you,