Funny facts about Nigeria – the birthplace of Hakem Olazhuvon!

Welcome to the multicultural country of Nigeria in Africa

hockey Olazhuvon

Did you know … According to George Karl, the former coach of men's national teams of the United States, a native of Nigeria Abdul Hakem Olazhuvon with & # 39 is the "second-best player in the world." As Sad (singer), and Will Soyinka (1986 Nobel Prize a year), Mr. & Olazhuon with # 39 is idol in Nigeria. He once said: "I do not like when the TV shows only the bad things, and then say." This is Lagos "(the former capital of Nigeria), there are bad things, of course, but Lagos has designer clothes, big houses, video and more they love people in America. Television does not show it, and I'm tired of trying to explain it. "


you know– Modern country Nigeria, was once the residence of the ancient kingdom, is located on the south coast of West Africa. This former British colony is bordered by Benin (known to Doug to 1972) in the west, Niger (former French colony) in the north, Chad (former French colony) and Cameroon (former French and British territories) in the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the south . This is an African country with a significant contrast: here live mangrovyya bogs, plateaus, pavslyny and rainforests. Abuja – capital of Nigeria, but Lagos, the former capital, with the & # 39; is the largest city.


Did you know … On October 1, 1960 After 102 years of European occupation, Nigeria became an independent nation within the British Commonwealth.

Nigeria and the United States

Did you know … Abuja and Washington were outstanding diplomatic ties. In this context, the US leader Jimmy Carter visited the African country in 1978. After that, August 24th, 2000, Bill Clinton visited Lagos.

the population

Did you know … English-speaking countries – the tenth largest country in the world with 154 million people. About 50 percent of the population is Muslim. At least 1.5 million Nigerians living abroad, 70% of them in Western Europe


Did you know … 38-year-old war break ended in 1998, when Olusegun Obasanjo was the first elections in the country. In subsequent years, Nigeria, an oil-rich country into a democratic state.

On the & # 39; The United Nations

Did you know … After independence, October 7, 1960 the country joined the Organization About the & # 39; United Nations. After the 1960s, he was one of the leaders of the struggle against apartheid in the world.

international awards

Did you know … At the end of 1986 Wall Soyinka became the first black writer who won the Nobel Prize for Africa. Indeed, Mr. Soyyka was one of the famous novelists in sub-Saharan Africa in the second half of the last century. In addition to the car & # 39; EASURES writer, he was a renowned advocate of democracy and human rights on the African continent in the 70s and 80s.


Did you know … FIFA World Cup 1999 to 20 years in Nigeria was an event which the rest of the world envied. In fact, it is the largest football tournament, which will take place in Nigeria.


Did you know … With culturally Nigeria – prominently from more than 100 ethnic groups. In addition, the English-speaking world is interesting from the point of view of biodiversity: there are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries; Lions, elephants, wild birds and reptiles inhabiting all these national parks. In addition, its Abuja capital – one of the most modern cities in Africa to the south of the Sahara. Music is also a & # 39 is one of the main activities of the nation, the birthplace of the Garden, one of the most successful singers in the world. Finally, it also has a spectacular architectural monuments: the sacred grove of Osun-Sogbo, on the & # 39; a world heritage site, with & # 39 is one of the most popular scenic spots of Nigeria.

famous visitors

Did you know … In the early 1980s, Pope John Paul visited Nigeria.

Windy city, and with a deep pie dish – are they related?

The third largest city in the US, Chicago is in Illinois on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. He is known as the "Windy City", although the origin of this name has been controversial and is still subject to discussion. Possible explanations relate to the outside & # 39; I, politicians and the infamous title, which brings traditional city rivals Cincinnati. Early edition of the newspaper of the city called Chicago as the "Windy City"; Chykagazhskiya newspapers in turn referred to Cincinnati as "Porkapalis".

Currently, Chicago boasts one of the highest technical exercises in the United States. It is the tallest building in the United States – the Sears Tower – and also contains two of the five tallest buildings in the United States. Indeed, the world's first skyscraper was built in 1885 during a large-scale program of recovery after a disastrous fire in 1871 that destroyed a third of the city.

Fascinated by its history and architecture, Chicago offers visitors over 80 city tours per day, can be reached by bus, river boat or on foot. Although a wealth of culture, shopping, sporting events, museums and interesting buildings are well recorded, the city also boasts its own unique cuisine.

In particular, one of the dishes – pizza pizza from Chicago deep dish – is prepared in the city since 1943; main dish of thick crust, cheese and chunky tomato sauce, presented in a deep plate. However, unlike the usual pizza, a variety of dishes from the & # 39; yadaetstsa knife and fork, because it can not be easy to choose because Guinan consistency.

Pizza deep dish – in Chicago that the chili to Cincinnati and has an interesting history. Invented at the University of Texas football star Ike Sewell, he opened it for nothing padazravayuchay audience when he opened a pizzeria in Chicago called Uno. But his unique pizza pie was so popular that he soon opened a second establishment, grill and bar called Duo, to cope with demand.

By 1955 in the east of Michigan Avenue, Gene was also fed with deep-dish pizza, which has led to an exponential increase in its popularity among the fashion crowd along Chicago's "Magnificent Mile". The rest, as they say, is history, and today in Chicago has more than 2,000 retail outlets where you can buy a cake with a deep dish. Some of these restaurants will even deliver their part zapyakanyya pizza with a deep frying pan in place of the continental US, so the popularity of them. The dish is also widely available in many restaurants located in hotels in Chicago, although most fans is recommended to try the original in Uno & # 39; s.

Sun Country Vacations Overview destination options, airlines, resorts, and more

Sun Country Airlines for the last couple of years, offers excellent holiday packages. Airliner passed long way from its humble maiden journey in 1983 between the Sioux and waterfalls Vegas. Today, it offers flights to nearly 40 destinations in North America and the Caribbean, with many convenient day-night flights. If you are looking for a cheap but cheerful travel bag, think about the Sun Country vacation.

Here is an overview of some of vacation offers that you will find in this company:

• Kambichnyya Mexican proposal and the Caribbean

• Mexico Vacations

• Caribbean vacation

• Activities in the US

• Costa Rica Vacations

There is also a UFly awards are available to members who earn points. You may want to consider becoming a member of UFly, if you plan to travel a lot.

You can also book car hire with a flight purchase and / or the hotel package in the city in all 50 US states. For large groups (10 or more) spadyaytsesya in the group department of the company, as the experts will help you organize individual travel experience. Rent a car from Enterprise, National and Alamo.

Sun Country Vacations includes quite beautiful resorts such as Melia Hotels International, RIU and Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts. Some hotels have family and some for adults only. There are many options to choose from, no matter what point of the selection you have chosen.

For a holiday in the United States, Sun Country has just added two new destinations to its growing list of New Orleans and Santa Barbara. Other options include the appointment of Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Myers, New York and Hawaii. Flight schedules are usually available for 6 months in advance. You can subscribe to receive an email when a new & # 39 will leave. coaching class passengers get complimentary drinks and first class passengers get a wide range of free snacks, meals and drinks.

Modifications suburban Sun holidays

Number of nights that you can stay depends on the package, hotel and flight schedules. The average number of nights booked a vacation Sun Country, is eight. While it is always ideal to book in advance, these vacation packages are available for booking 72 hours prior to departure time.

If you do not want to rent a car, some packages include roundtrip transfer between hotel and airport. There is the opportunity to travel in the protection plan that covers lost / damaged luggage, the clock medical care (in the world), the protection price, etc.

One of the main reasons why people choose to holiday in the sun, due to the availability. This is somewhat less than the available travel packages – and you can count on a good time!

Sun Country Airlines partners with the best & # 39 are the tourist sites. Where you have to go if you want to book a holiday in any direction. With the help of online coupons you can get an even better deal on your trip. The best discounts on Sun Country you will find no rest anywhere.

Requirements for visa to India

Many people visit India every year for various reasons, including business, religious pilgrimage and tourism. All foreign citizens must have a proper visa to enter the country. With rare exceptions, to obtain a visa to India, there are 4 basic requirements. Nepradacha necessary documents, is likely to lead to the denial of a visa. visa category depends on the purpose of the trip of the applicant and the maximum length of stay is determined what type of visa for your trip. You can get a tourist visa, valid for 6 months, 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. Business and student visas are available for 1 year.

Give information about the trip, passport number, photographs, visa fee and completed application for a visa. Make sure that you submit all relevant documents, otherwise the visa may be delayed.

application Form

The first step in obtaining a visa to travel to India & # 39 is filling in the questionnaire. Visit the Indian embassy or one of the Indian consulates to apply in person for a visa. This can sometimes be done on the same day. You can also apply by mail, but it may take longer.

The following are the Indian consulate, representative of the US Embassy:

Embassy of India, Washington

2536 Massachusetts Avenue, North Washington,

DC 20008

Tel .: (202) 939-9806 Fax: (202) 797-4693

Consulate General of India, New York

3 East 64th Street, New York, NY, 10021, USA

Tel .: 212-774-0600 Fax: 212-861-3788

Consulate General of India, Chicago

455 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, # 850 Chicago, IL 60611, USA, Tel: (312) 595-0405


Consulate General of India, X & # 39; Euston

1990 Oak, blvd. Suite 600 X & # 39; Euston, the TX 77056 Tel .: (713) 626-2355 Fax: (713) 626-2450,


Consulate General of India, San Francisco

540 Boulevard San Francisco Arguello, CA 94118 Tel: (415) 668-0662 | Fax: (415) 668-7968



Travelers to India must have a valid passport that is at least 6 months beyond the intended stay to the end. Furthermore, there should be at least two blank pages on which it will be possible to put a visa.


By the questionnaire must be accompanied by two identical passport size photographs (color, facial, 2 "X 2"). Visa applicants should pay particular attention to the requirements of pictures (ie, you can not wear glasses). Specific requirements can be found in the form of a visa.

proof of address

To obtain a visa, applicants must provide a photocopy or state issued identification, driver's license, or the current utility bills (water, gas, electricity, sewage). For more information, refer to visa requirements of the specific country.

Birth certificate

All US citizens must provide a copy of the birth certificate. Those born outside the United States, can represent any government document from the country of origin, which indicates the date of birth, nationality and the names of their parents.

Fees for visas

Postal money order was the payment or the Indian Embassy or Consulate of India to pay for filing a visa in the passport.

exemption requirements

Travelers from certain countries may have additional restrictions. The citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka must complete additional documentation. Citizens of the United States may be granted a five- and 10-year visa, while citizens of all other countries have to leave after 6 months at least 2 months before they can return.

Where Immigration Help and NY Immigration?

Many who dream of moving to the United States for a better future. People believe that in case of any problems all kinds of social services can help them when they need money or help. They think that the US – a country of opportunities.

Little do they know that the majority of workers, "blue collars" will be working 40 years in the company, and then social security may provide them with sufficient rents, and that's all. In the US, countries do not have legal immigration services. They are very expensive. Not many people about reality. They do not know in real life, so they are collected and moved to the United States (New York). Of course, in reality, chew a little bitter, but by that time it's too late.

If these foreigners were educated about the realities of New York, many of them did not go in the direction of this country. Let them know what it is for the working class in the US pension. The only way that they can live well here – if you invest and save a significant part of their earnings. People believe that the US – is a terrible country for all older people, like what they see in the media. They rarely prepare for the reality of what is in here.

Still believe that the US (New York) – this is a great land of opportunity, where citizens take top priority. But this does not in all cases. If they take time to establish some type of communication with the citizen here first, they might learn that everything is not so good, and they will be a little disappointed. Here, the United States has failed is not as long, allowing neighbors to believe that we all live in this beautiful nationality.

Travel Tips for the deaf and dumb

Properly planned trip can go wrong at any time due to improper communication. Although the problems with travel can easily occur, even if the traveler finds that he has taken care of every aspect of the trip, these problems can become more of a problem for those who have the inherent communication problems due to speech disorders and / or hearing. However, do not let the terrible journey to talk about the deaf and dumb people who scare you.

You can plan a dream vacation by yourself or with your family and loved ones, just zaplanavavshy several months in advance and vlichyvshy some important pointers. Most tips for travel for the deaf and dumb, presented in this article – just common sense. First you need to decide on a destination. You can go to any place that you want to visit and enjoy an unforgettable stay, as long as you plan well.

hotel selection

Once you have chosen a place to travel, you need to place in the hotel. This requires a good homework. You need to find the main hotel with disabilities at the place of his visit and check the list of & # 39 facilities and services they offer, for physically dangerous. According to the law the Americans with Disabilities (ADA), which was adopted in 1990, the hotel's accessibility should include a number of & # 39 Objectsdull and muted guests. here comes visual warning device to different rooms in the hotel, such as telephones, alarm and fire signals.

Because hearing loss – an invisible disability, you need to talk about it, so they know about the same. You need to do the same thing, book a hotel room. You have to write a hotel manager, zapalohavshy his or disability and asking you to provide detailed information about the available special equipment, such as TDD devices and televisions with closed captions in the room.

It is strongly recommended to choose the room on the first floor, in the event of an emergency you can get out quickly. In addition to this, you have to ask the manager about the time of registration and check-out at the time of the reservation and ask the manager to send you a confirmed booking code on your email id. In addition to this, you can ask the manager about any special assistance that you might need during your stay at the hotel.

Airline tickets and travel arrangements

It is extremely important that you report the person for flight reservations about hearing loss when booking tickets. So he can arrange for a person who knows sign language, if these services are needed at any time during a security check or boarding the flight. Most major airlines offer TDD service that enables deaf and strangled passengers to communicate with others via text message that they are gaining on the keyboard. Keep in mind these tips when planning a vacation.

How to apply for an L-1 visa?

L-1 visa – it is one of the very useful work visas in the United States, which allows international organizations to bring their foreign employees in the United States. A foreign worker may be admitted to the United States in the status of L-1 visa, while the US does not require the employer to the employee was in the US for a maximum of three years of residence. Later, the foreign employee can file a renewal of the L-1 visa.

If a foreign employee will drive in the United States on a work visa in the US, if it is L-1 visa, it must meet the basic requirements, which are responsible for the right to enter the United States on a visa L-1.

• A foreign worker to work abroad in a foreign company for one year for the previous three years.

• foreign employees, which must be translated into the US work visa, the L-1 visa must be employed abroad for managerial or executive position or positions, providing specialized expertise.

• A foreign employee must come to the United States with an American work visa for the L-1 visa to work in an executive, managerial or specialized knowledge.

• foreign employees who come to work visa in the US L-1 visa must leave the United States as soon as it expires permission.

The US company, which provides a work visa in the United States, an application for a visa L-1 must also comply with the requirements of a qualified organization.

• The foreign company must be linked to an American company in a certain way. A foreign company in which the staff member must be the same employer, a subsidiary or a subsidiary or parent company.

• The American company must do business in the United States and one other country at the time of transmission.

The process of applying for a US work visa, the L-1 visa:

The US employer must file a petition with the USCIS. The petition must be filed with Form I-129 and the application of L, include a letter to the company, supporting the petition and the documents supporting the application, as well as the fee for filing.

You can not submit a separate form for family members & # 39; and the main beneficiary. If the petition is approved, but they have to make a separate application to the consulate to obtain a visa.

USCIS approves the petition of a foreign citizen who has the right to translation in the US L-1 visa. After approval of the petition approved petition is sent to the US consulate, where a foreign citizen can obtain L-Visa to enter the United States. If a foreigner is already in the United States in another category are not immigrants, he can change the status. The change of status is included in the statement of L-1, and a separate form is not required.

A foreign employee who has the status of an L-1, is allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 years, after which it may extend the expansion of L-1. The extension may be for another 2 years. The total period of stay for executives and managers of L-1 A can reach seven years and five years for staff L-1, B specialized knowledge.

The US refused surgery residents receive the best available treatment options abroad

Inadequate health coverage – a crisis that affects millions of Americans. Some reports indicate that there are millions and neastrahavanyh malazastrahavanyh Americans whose benefits do not meet their medical needs. If you combine the numbers, then it shows that nearly 1/4 of all Americans do not have health benefits. This is because they are self-employed work, either because the company in which they work, not giving benefits and leave their own cover, which can often be enough. It is in this situation the medical tourism industry has made its mark.

What is medical tourism?

The concept of medical tourism refers to travel to another country for medical treatment. Most people who travel do so because of the cheaper costs. According to some estimates, 750,000 US residents travel abroad each year for medical care. The most common treatments are chosen by people include cosmetic surgery, dentistry, orthopedic surgery and cardiac surgery.

Most medical tourists choose for their travel procedures in the countries of South America and Asia. Common destinations include Mexico, Singapore, Argentina, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil and India. With the complete relaxation of the embargo on Cuba, also increased the number of medical tourists traveling to Cuba.

Things to keep in mind while traveling abroad for medical care

It is always advisable to contact an agent on the medical tourism before you plan a trip to another country for medical treatment. Below are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Always consult with your doctor to understand the specific risks associated with the procedure, medical care, and understand any advice on traveling.

  • Check out the information about the hospital and the professionals who will do the procedure, as well as check the credentials.

  • Make sure you can communicate with their health care providers, if English is not a & # 39 is the first language of the country you are visiting.

  • Make copies of medical records and make sure that you have any allergies.

  • Always carry a copy of the prescription of any medication you are taking.

  • Arrange for help from a doctor before & # 39 entrance.

  • Get copies of all medical records made on you before you go home.

medical tourism

Medical tourism – this is a multi-billion dollar industry that is expected in the near future will only grow by leaps and bounds. If you have been denied surgery because of a lack of insurance or lack of benefits, that is, the available treatment options from which to choose the international medical standards, the relevant US and European requirements.

Hints and tips for handicap for Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island is 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California, an island of 75 square miles, and is the only city located on the island – it is Avalon. The only vehicle permitted on the streets of Avalon – a wagon course, and it works great, since most of the restaurants, shops and attractions are within walking distance.

As always, there are exceptions to every rule, and that is good for wheelchair users as there are cabins available for wheelchairs, and tram Island Island. Are located around the city, there are several taxis phones that are carefully and tram has regular routes through the city.

Arranging a trip to the island, you want to take Catalina Channel Express, and it will end in Long Beach and San Pedro. There are parking facilities in both locations, and boarding is also available, new boats duzhe available, and all boats are available. As with all travel these days, there are requirements for luggage, so be sure and get to know those when you book. This is where a personal travel agent becomes valuable, as they will be able to handle these small details. There is also a service to the island from the beach in Newport, but there is no parking for the disabled and the ramp up and the boat is very steep, so this service is mostly inaccessible to wheelchairs and walkers.

Where to stay on the island, Pavillion Lodge is just 14 steps from the beach and really close to the boat pier and is located near the center of Avalon. In it a large yard for recreation and sunlight. The ground floor has room for wheelchairs to roll souls. I stayed here, and it is very convenient and works very well.

This quaint island for pedestrians, and it is mainly a disability / accessible friendly nature, that is fine, because if cities and regions are usually fanciful, it severely limits the mobility of physically challenging. If you can sit in a basket for golf, they are rented by the hour and day, which will make the island even more accessible for you. Most tours are not available, so the golf cart for a better choice, if you can use.

Memorial and Botanical Garden Wrigley available using, as it is exposed and rocky, so you can check it out to find out whether it's available for you. In the theater, the casino has a ramp Art Deco. In the ballroom of the casino has an elevator. Catalina Museum is available.

Events taking place on the island, are available: Catalina Festival of Art (September) is located on Crescent Street along the beach. Catalina Jazz Festival (autumn) is in the ballroom of the casino hall. News Eve Gala is in the ballroom casino floor. Thus, make a reservation with a trip to a journey with disabilities, pack bags for a fun adventure and relaxation, not to mention the fresh air and beautiful weather & # 39; e.

What to buy when you visit Italy

My family & # 39; I visited Italy in the United States for more than forty years, and before that my parents lived in Italy, and now I live in Italy. So I can say that we have become experts in knowing what kind of products can be purchased in Italy to return to the United States. Although the euro / dollar exchange rate was not favorable, still need to & # 39 shows:

Clothing / Shoes / Jewelry
Sure, if you can still find clothes Made in Italy in Italy, go to them, so they just fit better!
No comparison. Italian shoes the best in style, comfort and range.
In the US, not easy to find gold jewelery in 18 kt, which are also stylish. You can not go wrong buying it in Italy.

Leather bags, wallets, belts
You can still find very accessible to local Mercato.

We do not know why, but the coffee you buy here, even if it has the same brand, just the taste. If you buy a bag of coffee beans in the bar, be careful, because it is very expensive. You'd better get a bag with a brand in a supermarket. We like Elijah.

Parmigiyski cheese
Much cheaper in Italy than in the US. Make sure you vacuum packaging, and keep in the fridge until ready.

Most salt (sale Gross)
I have heard that you can find it now in Los Angeles, but if you can not buy it in Italy (very cheap). If you make the pasta, toss it in boiling water!

Zafferon, Funghi Porcini (Dried)
I'm not a big user, but heard friends annoyed and captured them buying in Italy

Olive oil and wine
I have not found the right way to get it back, so I welcome you to the guy 🙂

Do not even think about the return of prosciutto, salami, or the like. not very good with the customs!