6 reasons for immigration in San Francisco, USA

Looking for a new beginning and a new, useful and colorful life?

If you are thinking about immigration to the United States to get a taste of your own American dream, you are likely to have already conducted several studies of the immigration process. At last, mostly said, with a large number of obstacles must be overcome before you consider the possibility of immigration.

All that said; if you hire the right attorney for Immigration, the whole process will be easier, as they will surely guide you at every step. The initial consultation will give you the opportunity to tell his lawyer for immigration lawyers, and what your goals are.

After that, they will be able to work with you in developing the plan, showing what your options are. Then it's just a case where you need to work and to do it! It's a long process, but one that is certainly not without rewards!

But before you worry about any of this, you probably should settle in the destination! Where would you like to live? United States of America – really gargantskaya country, with many different places to choose from. To help you narrow down your search, we offer you a suggestion.

In this article we will look at six reasons why San Francisco is an excellent choice for a new beginning and a new life in a free land.

1 – His progressive culture

It's no secret that during the counterculture in the 60s. San Francisco & # 39; was the birthplace of gay rights; reinforcement of what this great city is open to everyone from all walks of life. It is a city that thinks ahead, full of different people, which boasts a vibrant and diverse cultural cocktail.

2 – Endless possibilities of car & # 39; EASURES

San Francisco's thriving economy and a huge player in the field of technology, together with a neighbor: Silicon Valley. If you happen to be the head of technology, that's fine, but you do not need to be so, to find a job or to enjoy a good quality of life there.

The cost of housing and the like in comparison with other regions of America is quite expensive, but it all comes to profit there. Of course, you should consider before making such a move, although the number of opportunities and the earned money, of course, makes San Francisco is worth considering.

The process of immigration to the United States, of course, it will be easier if you are able to secure a job before you make a move. Perhaps it will be necessary to see what jobs are available to you?

3 – Beautiful scenery

Many of you are leaving behind their home countries, each of which can certainly boast of its unique beauty. A lot of things you do not have to miss, though, fortunately, in San Francisco there are a few really spectacular natural scenery.

With wise and Mount Tamalpais Redwood; to posh island Angel and Sigmund Stern. There is so much to do in the way campaigns and research outside the city, but for those who have no plans to engage in far; There are many wonderful parks for you and your family & # 39; and to explore in the city.

4 – Not too hot, not too cold

I do not know how the outside & # 39; e, where you're from, but in San Francisco, a mild climate, which is suitable for people from all climate. You do not have to face the harsh winters in Alaska, or worry about too hot in the summer as in Florida. Of course, you will come across with his fog and rain, although for the most part of San Francisco – a great place to live; especially for immigrants who want to live in a balanced climate.

5 – a lot of decent places to eat

For most people who want to move from their countries, their main concern with the & # 39 is whether they will be able to find some decent food. Do not be afraid, in San Francisco has an incredible culinary scene with a diverse assortment.

You will be able to satisfy their cravings home, will be able to simultaneously explore a new world of tasters. Let us hope that this news is to reduce any problems that you have had on immigration in America; If there is one thing they have a lot of different restaurants.

6 – strange scene art

Whatever the reason that you want to immigrate to the United States, there are many bonuses that you can get while you are at it. For example, in San Francisco has a spectacular scene of art and music. You can explore anything, they are the world-renowned orchestra, colorful collection of urban street art, the San Francisco Ballet and much more.

There is literally something to engage all interests – another excellent reason to choose San Francisco as a destination, starting a new life and moving from his native country.

Basics of the acquisition of US visas

Often he dreams of going to places that you see in the movies. I guess most of them are in the United States. To name a few, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington and Chicago – some general tourist destinations in the United States. Do you have the resources, but you are afraid to insure failure.

This should not prevent the exercise of your travel plans. If you have relatives in the United States or you want to travel independently, the main thing – to know what type of visa you must apply for the necessary documents to be filled, and what is more important – the purpose of your visit to the US.

First, first find the difference between American visa visa (B-2) and the American visa sponsor.

These two things do not match.

Visa for the visitors, often known as a visa B-1 / B-2 – a non-immigrant visas for people wishing to enter the United States temporarily for pleasure, treatment and business. In this case you are applying for a US visa at the US embassy or consulate. While the US visa sponsorship is required by the employer or a close family member of the & # 39; and, falling on immigration petition to the US government about how to obtain a residence permit (green card) for your employee or an immediate family member of the & # 39; and. It is also known as non-immigration petition such as working visa (e.g., Visa H, L), and visa family (e.g., Visa FiancĂ© or K).

What is the purpose of your visit?

This question you ask the American consul, with whom you will meet if you get into the embassy. But before that, to define the purpose of your trip. If the purpose of your trip is in US short-term visit for pleasure, tourism and family visits, some & # 39; and or friends, the visa for visitors, known as the tourist visa to the United States or visa B-2 with a & # 39 is for you correctly visa.

However, keep in mind that if you are applying for a visitor, among other things, you have to show an employee of the US Consulate that they have strong ties with the Philippines, as you home country, and they intend to return after a temporary stay in the United States. you must also show that you have enough money to pay the costs of the US trip, such as air tickets, insurance rating, hotel / hostel, transportation, tourism expenses and all other expenses.

What if I do not have the resources, but my friends and relatives in the United States are willing to take on my stay there?

And here enters sponsorship.

Who can be a sponsor of my trip?

Any person, who is based in the United States, may sponsor a visa for his parents, relatives and friends. This means that it must be the owner or I-94 (US Green Card), or a US citizen. Your sponsor must provide accurate support (Form I-134). Form – a confirmation that the sponsor is willing to take on the financial responsibility of the applicant at the time of the visit.

What documents do I need to provide?

Must have the documents to the interview & # 39; th Visitor Visa USA:

1. This passport, which does not go up to 6 months after the planned stay.

2. Printing confirmation page of the DS-160

3. Kvitantskiya US visa fees

4. One photo

5. Original / copy of the letter for a meeting for an interview Visa

Supporting documents showing the relationship with your country, include:

You must demonstrate strong economic, social and family ties to their home country. You also need to show that you do not become a burden on the United States, proving their financial stability in the United States to cover the costs. These facts provide the other party that you return to your home country after the authorized period of stay in the United States. Required documents:

1. Proof of sufficient funds for the US visit (bank statement and a book, etc.)

2. Evidence that you have strong ties to their home country. Documents relating to the property that you own, and your job – a good witness

a. If you are, you get a test worksheet

b. If you are self-employed, to obtain financial and other documentary proof of ownership

c. If you are a & # 39; a public servant will receive a certificate of employment, and the powers of the journey certificate

d. Tax ID and recent documents related to taxation

e. The original documents on the property, such as documents on ownership of the house, shop or business, etc. that you have in the Philippines / country. If there are no documents, make a notarized statement

f. Documentary evidence of doing any business or organization

g. Confirmation of family ties, such as unmarried children, elderly parents or other family responsibilities

h. If a person with a & # 39 is an employee, except for proof of employment, and confirming leave granted from the office of any such document, which would confirm that you have reason to return

In addition to the documents and other evidence, it is highly recommended and it is strongly recommended to help immigratsyynaga lawyer / consultant, who can facilitate your application and improve your chances of approval.

Family Travel in the US

You think about the rest in the United States with his family & # 39; s this year? Of the 50 states to choose from, you are sure to find one or more that is perfect for you and your family & # 39; and!

From coast to coast, east to west in North America and is commonly called "the bottom 48 "There are some really gorgeous sites and places in the US to visit. Of course, we must not forget about the beautiful state"Alaska"And Tropical Island"Hawaii & # 39; which constitute fifty states.

There are countless attractions and activities for the whole family & # 39; s explore and enjoy both winter and summer months. Whether it is a car entertainment transport, plane, train or any other mode of transportation, you are sure to discover the beauty of America! Family holidays in the United States – an excellent choice!

Sights and attractions!

No matter what you and your family & # 39; I enjoy the great outdoors in search of new surprises, looking for an exciting new adventure, or just enjoy the fact that the United States can offer, you will not be disappointed. For those who enjoy history, you will never be enough time to take what you can offer!

Maybe you just like to discover new and interesting city and enjoy the sites, shopping, dining and entertainment that everyone can offer? No problem, there is a town, which is just waiting for you to explore!

From the beautiful Hawaiian Islands to the coast of Florida you choose where and how would like to spend a family vacation.

Here are just a sample of some of the interesting places to visit in this vast country:

  • Relax and pagreytsesya under the tropical sun on the beautiful beach of the island of Hawaii and discover the story Pearl Harbor during the stay.
  • Visit the picturesque town of the town San Francisco and take in the mysterious Alcatraz island and relive the prisons of the past.
  • Divusya Grand Canyon in Arizona, while enjoying your stay in the camp.
  • Explore exciting Las Vegas, Nevada and marvel at the fantastic themed resorts, that city has to offer.
  • see Gettysburg PA and explore the museums, shopping, history and more.

Choice is limitless. In the United States can be a lot of things to see, you could come back again and again and still not see everything that can be offered.

Sport for fun for all ages!

Plan your vacation around many professional and amateur sports events held throughout the year. For example, select shoots for the winter phoenix Arizona and to take at one of the many NASCAR Racing held at the International road racing Phoenix, soaking up the sun and taking all other family activities that the city and the region have to offer.

From football, baseball, hockey, basketball to motor racing, there is always an event that is held most anywhere in the US, to you and your family & # 39; and liked it and planned to stay around the sporting event even more exciting!

It's all here in the US. Therefore, get out of the coach and start planning your next excellent family adventure!

United States Hotels in Boston

Boston – one of the richest historical and influential cities in the US. The city has nearly 2,000 restaurants and 62 historic sites. Once Boston was ultrakanservatyvnym, but developed a progressive culture, and now with the & # 39 is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New England. In the year it comes around 16 million tourists, making it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. In Boston, there is a solid mixture of international culture and American history that makes it unique. . Boston – one of the oldest cities in the US and has a distinctive European feel, which seems to be evident in the culture.

You can cover the $ 400 per night on a large luxury hotels or get a motel room for the low $ 30.

Unfortunately, Boston is not known for its budget hotels. While some of the hotel with breakfast can be found scattered throughout the areas of Brooklyn and Cambridge to find them. The most popular guesthouse – Boston kalezhny club, located on Commonwealth Avenue 44, near Boston Square. Here you can find accommodation at a reasonable price from 80 to 200 dollars. Midtown Hotel – another budget hotel in Boston located at 220 Av. Huntington. The hotel is within walking distance of Symphony Hall, Prudential Mall and Copley Place Mall. Tariffs Var & # 39; iruyutstsa from $ 89 to $ 239

Luxury hotels are located in Tremone, Newbury and Boylstan Ste. These hotels offer some of the best in luxury accommodation. The rooms are widely themed from the old world to a new era of smooth. Most of the hotels in Boston are located in close proximity to the airport and the railway station, making it easy to navigate.

US application stops the application – If you need to go

Well, you know what they say: "There's an app for that"! Check the app USA Rest Stops with iTunes. This app will show you the nearest rest area. You can choose to find a rest stop on the current route, or simply point to the near by any route.

US application stops the application – Do we have more?

You've heard the familiar phrase "are we there yet?". This becomes critically more important when you are trying to find again a rest stop along its route. Do you follow the signs "Next rest area 50 miles?" Then you think to yourself if I knew that, I would have stopped at the last. Now you need to decide whether you should drive or ride with a & # 39; Congress and try to find it. It may take some time. Do not worry, now you can find an area where you can take a break along its route.

Where & # 39; th nearest rest stop?

Thus, the question is whether to keep going or to turn to take the next exit? Well, let's see! Open the app USA Rest Stops on the mobile device and find the answer. After you run the application, you are presented a list of highways in the selected state by you. Select the road and the direction (north, south, east or west). The application will show how many miles each of the other areas on your route, as well as brand-mile, where to get off. Select the location where you plan to stay, and there will additional information for the vending machines, areas for pets welcome center and much more. You can also select "Next to me", and it will show you the nearest place in any direction within a radius of 25 miles from your current location.

Well, no, I do not have an Internet connection

This requires an Internet connection available for your route in places of recreation. If this is a problem, you can view these stops along the routes before you go on the road as long as you have internet access. Select your route, and then make the route a screenshot that shows you what else stop you passing on the drive. If you have never done a screenshot on the iPad, it can be done simply by pressing the Sleep / Wake button on the center in the bottom of the iPad. Then press the "Home" button and release. You will hear a click when the camera will take the picture on your iPad. Screenshots will be stored with your photos.

This is a great app for those long drives. Download this app and get it before you get into the car for the next trip!

Road trip to the USA – rapid movement and travel

Travel in the US can be a big concern, but we have a few tips to make moving and traveling to the United States easy and interesting. During the trip you will drive and be seen place, perfectly pravyadayuchy time marveling at the different environment and culture that can offer every city and state. How to travel on the road, you need to have the appropriate objects to make a trip to the United States the best experience.

Camera – this is one of the greatest inventions. You can take pictures of the places you visit, or the people you met. Memories of these pictures are priceless and valued forever in your heart.

Camcorder – Camera – another wonderful invention, where it is possible to record the journey and bring back memories in later life. You will be shocked and surprised by the great memories of adventures that were with you, and the people with whom you encounter. You can upload your videos to YouTube or make it to DVD, to share with friends and family & # 39; it.

Clothing – always pack sufficient clothing for the trip. Do not forget to pack a jacket, hat and gloves just in case the weather & # 39; e cold. Clothing is not of & # 39 is a big problem, because you can always buy new.

GPS – the GPS is really makes your life easier, since you will be able to know where are going to get to a special place in the city. GPS – is the need for a road trip, and their absence worsen your life on the road.

Notebook – a laptop is always good to meet up with old friends, instant messaging and e-mail on your journey. You can put things on the Internet and share them with others or watch some of your favorite news sites to find out what is happening in the world.

Credit Card – Credit Card gives you credit for the purchase of items, if you do not have money available. It is very convenient because you can buy things now and pay for it later

ATM Card – sometimes there are places that just do not accept credit cards. Having bankamatychnuyu card to attract money from the bank – a good way to have cash cash. This is really helpful, as some shops and taverns can not accept credit cards, and deal only in cash.

Moving and traveling from place to place – a journey, an adventure, a grand road trip. This thrilling experience, and familiarity with your friends enhance the pleasure and adventure. If you watched the movie "Road trip", you would understand travel and entertainment, when you meet the road, driving from place to another US location.

Do not forget to take a card and put the destination that you are going to visit the United States. In each city, the places you want to visit, schedule a route you want to go, and decide in what places you need to go first and the last to be more effective. You must always have a GPS to find places you want to go, because it saves a lot of time and energy. If you have a GPS, disappointment, however, if you can find where to go for seconds.

During the US tour sure to check out the places where you will be staying, as well as hotels and taverns that you need to reserve in advance. This allows you to save you headaches in the future and in a hurry to find a place to sleep. Some hotels and taverns are full in this way, so it is always good to study them in advance and book before they are filled.

Dial Facilities on the road, for example, water and food, so you will not be hungry during the drive. If there is a food stop, do not forget to eat, drink and go to the toilet. You will need to rest from time to time to recharge themselves. Your eyes need a rest and some coffee will help make you more alert on the road.

Enjoy a trip to the United States, and here are some of express ceremonial movements and travel, that will make your journey quicker, easier and less headache. Improve your research beforehand and be prepared with the proper tools and equipment for the onward journey. Have a good time, padabayuchysya travelers on the road.

Enjoy trips to the most popular destinations in the US, but do not miss to know about parking

United States – the most indulgent, varied and exciting country and most travelers visit the United States. Everyone loves to witness the lifestyle, diversity of culture and spectacular natural pleasures, revealing the plateau of this beautiful nation. United States stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and includes a lot of cities that are not very popular with tourists, but are part of the tourism. People who love to witness the exquisite American scene, will find these destinations the most bizarre of all genres:

1. Washington D.C.

US capital known for its bureaucratic land and is the president of the United States House, Washington. It is the famous US Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon, and other sites of the legislature, thereby offering a great experience of traditional, cultural and political policies. side. There are a number of galleries and museums scattered all over the road that along the way you will gain a lot of knowledge to be stored in its memory.

2. Phoenix

In Arizona, Phoenix – this unexpected holiday destination, which is famous for its weather & # 39; it. This is the most peaceful place that offers an exciting legacy. In Phoenix, there are spas, golf courses and hospitals. Travelers can visit to get warm here with some warmth and Wet night, visiting the many pubs and bars are available throughout the city.

3. Los Angeles

This is a charming city, which houses the famous Hollywood sign. He is the most popular and visited by young artists. amazing nightlife there gorgeous beaches and tranquil lifestyle. People love to walk around the streets of Los Angeles, to see their favorite musician, a star or artist.

4. New York

New York is known for its charm and positive. There is a list of travel bucket, because New York is famous cultural epicenter. This is the most varied, exciting and indulgent vacation spot, which shows a flow of visitors by millions every year. In particular, the museum has a lot of attractions: museums, theaters, gala gallery and art galleries, brilliant horizon, Times Square, Statue of Liberty and many more that can be seen only in the movies.

There are many cities that are worth visiting, such as Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Minnesota, X & # 39; Euston, Boston, Yosemitsi National Park, Honolulu, and more. Explore the destinations that a & # 39 are the best places, and feel every moment of this exciting holiday. To enjoy good, book your travel plans in advance, pack the bags and enjoy this stunning and spectacular holiday destination of your choice.

With all the splendor and glamor of the city, it includes the biggest hitch, the issue of parking. The number of vehicles is increasing, rather than a place to park. This is the reason that visitors who do not know much about the parking rules have great difficulty in determining an appropriate location for parking, which is not enough.

There is a need to increase the function of parking on the street. Streets should be designed so as to have the road to park. Officials may alternatively convert some traffic lanes in the parking lot. Thus, the limit on-street parking, since it allows you to alleviate some problems with parking.

Useful advice on delivery of the vehicle in the US

It is necessary to bring the vehicle to a great distance? If so, you need to know some things to make the process trouble-free. Keep reading to learn some useful tips for delivery of the vehicle in the city or state to the landowner.

Suppose you are moving to work, lend the car a loved one, or just go very far, because that & # 39 have the opportunity, you will most likely need a delivery vehicle, if you are traveling by plane to their final destination. To do this, you will need to adhere to a specific set of actions.

Hire a professional company for towing

The first step to the delivery of your vehicle through city or state restrictions – to find a reputable company buksiravalnuyu to carry it for you. Be sure to hire a licensed and insured company evacuators, has decades of experience working with all kinds of towing. They must maintain a proper fleet of trucks and the latest technology in transport equipment, as well as adhere to all of the best practices in the industry to be towed over long distances. This will give you the confidence that your car or truck are transported safely and professionally. It also means that you can count on timely delivery.

Prepare your car to transport

The next step that you want to do with the & # 39 is to prepare the car for his journey. Start with cleaning the car interior and remove any personal belongings. Make sure you also cut off any car alarm system. Once you have finished interior, zaplaniruytse car for routine maintenance on your garage proven.

They will check all fluid levels, adjust the inflation of the tire, inspect all brake systems (parking, emergency situations, etc.), battery charging and much more; In general, they will make sure that your car is in good condition. Thus, you will know that you are ready to go as soon as you arrive in your new home. After your car service take him in a car wash to external purification and purified wax. This is important for the next step.

NOTE You do not need to remove the license plates, but be sure that the screws are solid and intact.

Make entries for its own protection

To protect yourself and the shipping company from liability, be sure to make a lot of pictures, and even a few videos to confirm the condition of your car before the trip. It can be used as evidence if a scratch or the game experience in matters of either side. Shoot all the minor and major defects along the surface, including the existing scratches, cracks, paint, dirt, dents, rust and more. You even have to write the number on your vehicle's odometer.

NOTE: You do not have to worry about the documentation of fluid leaks or damage to the interior, as you recently professionally serviced car.

When you have finished making entries, contact your avtastrahavym agent to discuss the policy limits. You need to know is covered by your vehicle during transport and after arrival at the new location.

Uncover the important information to your driver

If the towing company comes to pick up the car, be sure to Uncover all the information necessary for the safe transportation of the vehicle. This includes the message about any mechanical problems and defects, no matter how insignificant. It is especially important to tell them, if your vehicle has a problem with its parking or emergency brakes. If your vehicle is in a dangerous state or a very gentle, you can even give the driver a written vehicle handbook.